Learning About Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale In Southern California

By Amanda Reynolds

As the name suggests, the West African Dwarf goat originated from the coastal West and Central Africa. The Nigerian breed of goats in the US, the Dutch pygmy, the dwarf goat, and the African pygmy in the Great Britain are its descendants. The humid conditions present in the West and Central African forests are thought to have triggered the evolution of the breed. This is what one should know about Nigerian dwarf goats for sale in Southern California.

This goat has a miniature stature that makes it to be very convenient for most people that keep them as pets. The Nigerian dwarf goat and the pygmy goat have several similarities. However, there are certain differences that differentiate them. For instance, Nigerians dwarfs are bred to be the same as their larger dairy goats, with an elegant structure and body length. On the other hand, pygmies are raised to be heavy boned and cobby.

For people new to goat farming, the task may tend to be quite overwhelming at the start. However, as time goes by, they get to understand the process and it becomes easier. Individuals who want to raise a herd should strive to know much more about these goats first. Frist of all, they should know a goat can be trained into doing what one wishes it to do.

When comparing a goat and dogs, dogs have a higher level of intelligence than the former. Thus, a goat cannot achieve the same level of trainability as dogs. Furthermore, it may be difficult training a whole flock. For this reason, goat training is limited to a few fundamental instructions like responding to whistles and other sounds. For example, they can be trained to stay stationary or get in motion upon blowing of a whistle.

Furthermore, sheep are much calmer than a goat. When a goat want something, it can become really stubborn. This usually makes it a bad thought to have collars around the necks of these animals. Safety risks are posed to these animals when collars are put around their necks. This is because the fence or any other object may entangle with the collar as the animal moves and cause accidents.

It is important to ensure that the animals have a clean and warm place to spend the night. Part of ensuring that is to have their shed placed with sufficient amount of bedding. Bedding can be made from various materials such as organic matter. Also, the shed should be cleaned every day to ensure that the droppings do not accumulate. Accumulated droppings usually result in diseases.

The small size of dwarfs makes them easy to maintain. Meaning that in comparison to other larger breeds, they consume very little food. These goats are preferable as pets because of the simplicity of maintaining them. However, they are also kept for milk production apart from being kept as pets

Despite having a small body size, these animals produce a lot of milk. In fact, they are considered as the best dairy goat species in the dwarf category. Thus, more and more people are acquiring them

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