Particulars And Considerations When Breeding Exotic Cats

By Martha Hill

Adventurous pet owners do away with the tamed and domesticated trope and go for animals that have feral and wild as their hallmark. And so they go for upgraded dogs or birds or fishes. Some are also Breeding Exotic Cats Nebraska.

A word to the wise, though. If you have taken it up in your head to hoard wild animals, you had better give up the germ of the idea. You might have been blindsided by those instances you see in the popular media where lions, tigers, foxes, and bears get along so well with their humans its almost natural. However, thats anything but natural. If you think you can just easily pick out a wild creature from its habitat and domesticate it on the dot, you are about to have your dream ship wrecked by the sharp rocks of reality.

First of all, lets get down to semantics. A pet is defined as an animal that is tamed and domesticated in order to be kept as a companion. A wild animal is its polar opposite. It can do perfectly well on its own and it couldnt care less for human wants, preferences, and convenience.

No ones being preachy here. After all, however you may disagree, the jokes on you since wild and exotic pets are illegal in your state, anyway. But if you search up exotic cats on the World Wide Web, lynxes, bobcats, ocelots, and caracals come up in spades. Ethical and legal ramifications aside, in the end, the prime qualification of a pet is one that youre not worried will maul you over and eat you when youre not looking.

But if youre still holding on that pipe dream, its good to know that you actually have an option, with Bengal cats. They were initially bred from the Asian leopard cat and the domestic shorthair. Bengals are now four generations away from the wild, and though they still look like wildcats on a prowl, they are actually thoroughly domesticated.

With their luxurious coat dotted with rosettes, spots and stripes, plus their larger than average size, they look feral and formidable. But dont be fooled though because theyre domestic all throughout. They are everything you can wish for in a pet. Energetic, playful, intelligent, and sociable. Endearingly, they also have this uncharacteristic love for water. So they may crash in your bathroom and even wreak havoc with aquariums. They also have this peculiar and original meow, which may sound somewhere in between a meow, hiss, growl, and chirp. Most endearlingly, they dont like to be left alone for long because theyre too attached with their human.

However, they can be a bit pricey. One cat fancier bought her own Bengal for fifty thousand dollars. Perhaps that is why theyve been dubbed as the Rolls Royce of feline companions.

Look for a breeder that knows what hes doing. That not as straightforward as it sounds. The proper breeder will be able to produce healthy and well adjusted kittens. The cats must also be accorded the necessary medical attention and vaccinations, and likewise certified and licensed by the TICA and CFA.

This exotic cat that you wished for may be a handful. More so than your accustomed domestic cats. The important thing is that you are invested, committed, and responsible enough to see your feline all through its life.

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