The Services Provided By Dog Boarding In Springfield MA Businesses

By Ruth Hughes

Pets bring life to your house, in both the literal and figurative sense. They can make you laugh and put a smile on your face, sometimes when you are feeling sad. They become a part of your family, especially dogs. So when they misbehave because they are feeling separation anxiety when you are gone all day, it can be a real surprise. If this keeps happening, consider taking them to Dog Boarding in Springfield MA daycares to get help.

These businesses essentially take care of your dog for you while you cannot do it yourself. The staff is all well trained in how to take care of and interact with canines, including the use of first aid for even CPR if it ever becomes necessary. They will take care of the pets as if they were their own at all times.

There are two main types of boarding services available. The first is daytime only. This is useful when you have to work or be out running errands all day, and you do not want to leave the pet alone. You drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon or evening. They are fed well and get to play with other dogs, so they stay active and have fun.

Many people have to travel for various reasons. Perhaps it's the holidays, your job dictates you leave, or maybe you just want to relax and have a vacation. In all these cases, it may not be possible to take your pet with you, so the daycare can help with overnight stays. They get a comfy pet bed to sleep in along with all the benefits of a day stay in one package.

Before the pooch can join these doggy daycares, they have to go through a socializing test of sorts to ensure they get along with other dogs. This may entail you bringing the pet to the daycare center so they can play with other dogs. If they are too aggressive or try to harm the other dogs, they may not be allowed to join.

You may also be asked to present proof that your dog has had all necessary shots from the vet, and that they have been either spayed or neutered. This again protects all the other dogs and lets you know that they care about the health of your furry family member.

They may also have optional grooming services available if you so desire. This may include washing and drying the dog, as well as trimming their fur and nails. While some daycares may include grooming in the price, most will charge you an extra fee for these additional services.

The pet himself is not the only one who may experience some kind of separation anxiety. You as the owner may also experience it, and worry about how much fun they are having and how they may be getting along with the other pets. Ask if your daycare offers webcam service. This lets you check in via an app or website anytime you like, no matter if you are in the same city at work or on vacation miles and miles away.

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