Things To Consider Before Buying Dachshunds For Sale

By Elizabeth Brooks

There is a very big chance that you are on this article right now because you are looking for a new pet or even a replacement one. In fact just earlier today you had seen a sign which said dachshunds for sale and this has kind of kindled your interest. However, prior to really deciding on this particular dog, do read on in this article first for more information.

You should prepare anywhere from two hundred to one thousand dollars if you plan to make a dachshund purchase. The variations and ranges in price will be determined by the ancestry of the puppy itself, whether or not it comes from a reputable and known kennel and of course the overall demand and supply situation for that specific breed.

This breed was specifically bred for hunting and is classified as a hunting hound in international registers. It was first bred in the 17th century and loosely translated the name dachshund means badger hound. Its slim and sausage like body and small legs make it an ideal hunter for catching wild rabbits and possums which have a tendency to run into burrows and holes, which the dachshund can easily follow into.

It is a breed that is definitely considered also as small, and will stand at most nine inches from ground to shoulder in adulthood. When it reaches maturity it will weigh anywhere from sixteen to thirty pounds t most. Despite its size it is a fairly long lived breed averaging twelve to fifteen years in terms of lifespan. Due to its size it is also more prone to small dog syndrome which of course affects its behavior considerably.

Small dog syndrome is more pronounced in the dachshund due to its hunting hound ancestry. This syndrome basically makes the dog overcompensate for its size by acting more aggressive and such, and with this specific dog, they have been known to bite strangers one out of five times and have been recorded as even occasional snapping at their masters and owners.

Despite the literature and incidents and attesting to the aggressiveness of this breed, most will say that they make good family pets and are quite good with children. They are however quite sensitive and will tend to hold something against you if you are too harsh with them. Likewise they will always exhibit aggressiveness against strangers and other animals. They also have a tendency to howl and bark at night so you need to be prepared for that.

This breed, being basically made for outdoor activities in the past is one that has a tendency to have extreme wanderlust. This basically means that when given the opportunity to wander off on its own to explore, it will do so and there will be a great possibility that it will not return. Thus it is a good idea to have it leashed or fenced in, and most people will prefer to keep them indoors. The problem however of keeping them indoors for long periods of time is that they will easily get obese. Thus it is important that you have a good balance of exercise and proper nutrition for it.

The factors covered in this article and also discussed briefly should help in giving you a more complete when deciding to take on this particular breed. It may also be a good idea to also consider other factors such as health complications and perhaps also grooming issues if any. By getting as much information before your final commitment, you can be sure that you have a better informed decision than before.

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