Things To Know Before Buying A Dachshund Puppy For Sale

By John Smith

Almost everyone that you know right now have some kind of pet or another to keep them company and give them enjoyment. You have been thinking to get one for yourself as soon as you saw a dachshund puppy for sale sign earlier. You might be thinking that this is the puppy for you and want to buy it. Before you do however, it may be a good idea to read this article first.

Prepare to spend anywhere from two hundred dollars upwards to around one thousand dollars for a puppy. Prices differ because of differences in puppy ancestry, the reputation and reliability of the specific kennel selling, and also local and regional demand and supply conditions for the breed.

Specifically bred for hunting, the dachshund, or rather badger hound, came about in the seventeenth century in Europe. Its rather strange and sausage like body and short legs have a special purpose, in that they enable it to crawl into burrows and holes when chasing burrowing prey like rabbits, hares, possums and badgers. As it was originally a hunting dog, it is still classified as such in the dog registry world, which is that of a hunting hound.

Definitely a small dog, the breed at maturity will have a weight of anywhere from sixteen to thirty two pounds and stand at most eight to nine inches from ground to shoulder. It is a dog that may be more likely prone to small dog syndrome, and will exhibit this tremendously.

This dog being prone to small dog syndrome, will exhibit a set of behaviors that are acted on to compensate for their small size and statures. Small breed dogs compensate for their size by being more active and playful, and sometimes even more aggressive. For the dachshund it can be even more aggressive as its hunting hound genes will compound the condition. This therefore makes them the second most aggressive canines on the planet as they have been known to bite strangers and even snap at their owners.

On the other hand, despite their aggressiveness at times, this breed will most of the time make good family pets and are known to be good with children. Watch out though as they will have issues with animals and people that are outside of the immediate family. They will also tend to bark and howl a lot and thus you will have to get used to it.

This breed is also a breed that is known for its wanderlust. If it is given the opportunity to walk around and explore on its own in the outdoors, it will do so and probably never will come back. Is thus advised that you at least fence it in or leash it from time to time. If you lack a yard you can keep it inside on the condition that you make sure it gets plenty of exercise and has a balanced diet. This is because once this breed is indoors, it will start becoming prone to obesity.

In conclusion, the aforementioned items for consideration prior to your purchase and commitment should be more than helpful.. Should you wish you should also look at other factors such as important health issues and perhaps even grooming tips that you should know about. In becoming a responsible pet owner it will always pay to have as much information as possible.

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