Things To Know Before You Buy A Savannah Cats Nebraska

By Larry Perry

Sometimes we just want a pet that is more distinct than others. That is why lot of people will try to get something off the beaten track like a pet snake or some other wild animal for a pet. Some have taken to getting pets with a wild streak in them, much like savannah cats Nebraska owner have done. You may have also an interest in this breed so do read on for more information.

Before anything else prior to taking on this breed as a pet, you must be a suitable owner for it. This means that you understand and can deal with cats in every way, and other words you must really be a cat person and cat lover. This is because as with any other feline, this breed is used to getting what it wants, and since it is one of the largest domestic breed, it does so very easily. If you are not familiar how the feline mind works, then don not take on this cat.

The breed we are discussing now looks like a small leopard and when standing on all fours looks larger than a regular small dog. The breed came about as a result when a domestic cat was crossed with an African savannah cat called the serval. This happened sometime in 1986 in the United States.

An agile and very active cat, this cat will require a bit of space to romp in and jump around in. As it needs space, the ideal habitat for it will be out in the countryside, where an outdoor enclosure can be made for it. The enclosure makes sure that it is kept within the premises while still keeping it in touch with nature.

This breed is quite expensive too and will qualify as probably one of the expensive breeds out there. Having one will set you back a whopping USD 20,000 per kitten due to several factors. The main factor is that it is quite difficult to breed so there is a small breeding pool to work with and therefore a limited supply. Another factor is that they are declared illegal in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Hawaii, and this adds to the appeal and the price.

It is also a cat that has very long legs which adds to its stature and size when it stands. Those long legs are also quite powerful, fro from a standing jump it can reach a height of upwards of seven feet. Another wild cat hybrid, the Bengal, also has such springy legs which makes it jump quite high in relation to its size.

When getting this cat as a pet you do not have to worry too much about it health, as it is fairly robust. But you do have to remember that it is still fairly wild and so you must include a bit or raw meat in its diet from time to time. You can ask other owners or even breeders as to the right amount.

In sum this article has shown you some information for you to mull over and think about in terms of preparation if you want to get this breed or not. Remember that to be a good pet owner means to know as much as possible about the pet that you have an eye on.

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