To Find Ragdoll Breeders TICA Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Steven Wood

Having a cat that resembles a dog is great and that is precisely what ragdolls present. They are unique in that they allow themselves to be held and when they are lifted in the arms they relax and they go floppy and limp. Their name is derived from this characteristic. All feline enthusiasts would obviously love this characteristic. This is because only select cat breeds allow people to hold them, let alone relaxing when held. When in need of Ragdoll breeders TICA should be visited.

Ragdolls are some of the loveliest pets just as they are both beautiful and cute. They are calm, gentle, and docile, a feature which makes them suitable for people of all ages as well as other pets. They are recommended for families with children as they can handle unexpected behavior and the excessive attention of kids.

The cats do better indoors as they prefer a calm environment. Also, a person should not expect them to be very active as their level of activity is moderate. To add on this, they have tendency of laying on the floor as opposed to leaping around or positioning themselves on the highest point of the home. As such, a person may realize that they enjoy rolling over on the floor and allowing a person to tickle their bellies.

Some individuals have assumption that the cat never feels pain due to its docility. It should be known that they feel pain just like any other animal and their inactivity does not mean that they can do without their owners. They need and crave attention by following follow their owners around. To demonstrate this more, when family members and owners reach home, ragdolls run to the door to greet them.

Once ragdolls have arrived in their new homes, a person should ensure that they complete their vaccination schedule. In fact, seeing a veterinary should be the first thing. Visiting a vet may not necessarily be for treatment but for seeking other health care needs such as checkups and getting advice on care. Ragdolls need regular check-ups after every six months.

Ragdolls are a feline breed with long hair. For this reason, their hair should be brushed daily by the use of an appropriate brush. Their hair does not tangle easily which eases the job. They risk swallowing hairballs should one fail to brush their hair. Intestinal obstructions are among the effects resultant from swallowing hairballs.

Obesity is common with ragdolls, more so when they are fed more than it is required. One should follow the dietary guide issued by vets in as far as the type and quality of food the felines are fed is concerned. Lifestyle, morphology and age all determine the food needs of the cats.

To finalize, the concept of danger among ragdolls is poorly developed. As such, it is the duty of their owner to make sure that they do not get hurt. For instance, children should not be allowed to pick them up as they can slip out of their hands and fall. As they are big felines with males weighing close to 9kg a drop from any height beyond 1 foot could be lethal to them as they may suffer injuries.

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