We Talk About Bait And Tackle

By Anthony Anderson

This either talks about the typical fishing or the urban dictionary version where you would need an account like Facebook to understand what it basically means. Either way, we will be discussing both just to clear things up a little. This way, you will not be confused anymore when someone talks about it. Though, honestly. Even the urban meaning to this is a little bit on the old side. And that is saying something. So here is Bait And Tackle Dryden Ontario Canada.

Just saying it out there, they are outdated meanings and will not mean much in this era, considering we hardly go on Facebook anymore these days. That, and MySpace is to be avoided at all costs. Who is still on that, anyway? It already is the year 2018, seriously. Time to move on and learn other social media websites.

Do fish have a preference? Are they like us that have individual tastes? Do we have to worry about that when we think about choosing a particular rig? Because if that is the case then it looks like your work is cut out for you it seems. Not only do you have to spend your money on some equipment, but you need to be reminded that not all fish like this particular bait like the rest do.

Then there is this gear that is all attached to at the end of the fishing line. That thing is called a terminal tackle, apparently. Again, there is a lot of variety on this and they are clevises, spinners, blades, spoons, beads, snaps, wire and split rings, floats, sinkers, swivels, leaders, and hooks also.

Kind of embarrassing, really. Also just a bit manipulative. Okay, it is VERY manipulative. Why not just straight out to talk to them or send them a private message? That is arguably a better alternative than posting it in public where the replies will be seen by everyone else on the freaking platform. No smoothness at all.

When you were a kid, have you ever thought how stupid fish are from watching all those cartoons about them biting the hook and getting grilled right after? First of all, why would they take a nibble out of that obvious trap in the first place? Oh, something super enticing and mysterious is right in front of me, better take a bite just to see if it is worth it.

This literally is flirting on the next level to be perfectly honest. A very outdated version of flirting where you suck u and drop names. Another name for it is maybe brown nosing, which is kind of funny because there is another term to call it and describes it a lot more accurately. But for the sake of family friendly content, let us call this one butt kissing.

Yeah, you are laughing now but when you go into a site like Twitter, you will see that it is no less accurate. But if it gets a few chuckles out from anyone caring enough to scroll through some comments then maybe it is not all that bad? Or maybe the dude who commented that just said it to make fun of Social Justice Warriors?

Sounds painful, huh? Be glad you are not an animal then. But these things do their jobs and it technically is not our fault that fish are dumb. No offense to any sea creatures reading this.

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