What You Need To Know About Savannah Cats

By Timothy Reed

There are many beautiful, exotic looking cats and any of them would be a good fit for the right home. If you have fallen in love with the wild appearance of Savannah cats but are not sure if one would suit your home, here is some basic information that may help you make up your mind. As with any pet, adding a Savannah to your home is a big decision to make and one that you should think about carefully. Here are some facts that may help you do so.

Many people love these felines because they remind them of a wild cat. This isn't a coincidence. A Savannah is not just a domestic cat. It is actually a cross between a domestic feline and a Serval, which is a type of small wild cat that is native to Africa. While keeping a wild animal isn't a good idea, breeding of Savannahs has created wonderful pets that are legal to have in your home.

While some types of cats have been around for thousands of years, the Savannah is a relatively new breed of feline. The first kittens were bred in the 1990's and were the result of crossing a Serval (a small African wildcat) with a Siamese. In the following years, the breeders worked to create healthy kittens and to get this unique breed formally recognized by official breeding organizations.

When looking at these felines, you will notice that some are much larger than others. This is because first generation or second generation crosses have much more Serval blood in them. Some cats can weigh as much as twenty pounds and can be the size of a small dog once they are fully grown. Even smaller cats will often have the striking coat and playful personality of their larger counterparts.

If you do get a kitten that is a first or second generation cross you will need to do some work to prepare your home. You will need a large container to use as a litter box. Most cats do not like to be cramped and want room to dig and move around while going to the bathroom. A larger container will help with this. Many owners of these felines also mention that they need to cat-proof their home more than they would with other felines as Savannahs are very good at getting into cupboards or closets.

Some breeds of cat such as the Bengal can be incredibly intense and often need a lot of play or stimulation to keep them happy. A Savannah, on the other hand, will often have more of a laid-back personality that is quite similar to a dog in many respects. Because of their size you will need to make sure that any toys or furniture are as large and as well-made as possible.

One thing that keeps many people from getting a Savannah is the cost. You can expect to pay thousands, if not tens of thousands, for a first or second generation cross. There are only a few breeders who offer these pets. There is often a waiting list for babies. You may need to look online to find a breeder who has kittens available.

It is important to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder when you do go looking for your kitten. You want to make sure that the parents are healthy and that the breeders are not selling kittens that are in poor health or which have not been socialized properly. If possible, visiting the cattery to see the parents and the conditions in which the kittens are raised can help you choose reputable breeders to work with when it comes time to bring a Savannah home.

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