When Hiring A Photobooth Fairfax County VA Hosts Hope To Provide Lots Of Fun

By Timothy Foster

Younger people will not know about it, but the older generation will clearly remember the fun they had with those photo booths once found in most shopping centres. Bunches of teenagers stuffed themselves into the tiny booths to take fun photographs, but they were also use to take passport and identify photos. With cell phones and digital technology, they disappeared from the scene but now they are making a comeback. With a photobooth Fairfax County VA party planners hope to achieve something special.

Photo booths are back but they have changed a lot. For one thing, they are not used as attractions in shopping centres. Instead, they are offered for hire to anyone planning a party or special event. Their purpose now is to provide entertainment and fun and to serve as ice breakers during all kinds of events. They are extremely popular and most contractors struggle to cope with the demand.

Modern kiosks are available in a bewildering variety of colours, shapes and sizes. They can look like buildings, monuments, castles, ships, racing cars and almost anything else that comes to mind. This means that event planners can select a booth that will be complimentary to the theme of the event, or even used as a central part of the decorations. The idea is to use them to change ordinary events into memorable ones.

Old style booths required one to wait a few minutes while the film is developed. If the result is undesirable it was just too bad. Modern models use the very latest digital technology. The pictures are of extremely high quality and they are, of course, available instantly. One can take as many pictures as one wants. The resulting pictures can be printed but they are also available in digital format.

Surprisingly, renting a photo booth is not all that expensive. The contractor will do the delivery and installation as part of the price. When one think about the cost of other forms of entertainment and the total cost of hosting a major event, the cost of hiring a photo booth is truly minimal. They add value to any function because they provide a way in which to break the ice and to encourage guests to relax.

As an added incentive, many contractors also supply their clients with a variety of props, normally in line with the theme of the event. People simply love donning costumes, wigs, accessories and other props to liven up the event and to have even more fun. Some event organizers even offer prizes for the funniest, most original or most bizarre photographs.

There are many reasons why photo booths are so popular. They are versatile and can easily be used at any occasion, from formal balls to birthday parties for small children. They are easy to use and it is not necessary to teach guests how to use them. Many hosts find them invaluable in helping to break the ice when most of the guests do not know each other.

It seems that photo booths are back to stay. Many event planners have stated that where they initially only hired such a booth as an added attraction, the photo booth turned out to be the main attraction during the event. They keep developing them and these days they even offer video capability.

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