Why Cat Lovers Are Crazy About Egyptian Mau Nebraska

By Robert Foster

The thing that many people love the most about this type of cat is how rare they are. Some people are simply all about what others can't have. That's just one of the things that draw people to the Egyptian Mau Nebraska.

It certainly helps to know what the Egyptian Mau looks like so that you can know what you are looking for at least. Their large eyes are a shade that is known as gooseberry-green, and that is what some people notice first. Others' eyes go straight to the spots and speckles that cover practically every inch of the creature's beautiful coat of fur, and every single cat will have spots that are completely unique. There are a few different shades of fur that the cat can have, and those include a shade known as smoke, which means that the tips are black but the rest of the fur is a shade of pale silver, or else the animal could be bronze or a darker shade of silver.

It is so nice when you find an animal that really loves to be loved. Many people wish that their cat wanted to be petted more often. This is a feline that will really love being scratched and cuddled with any old time of the day or night.

The fact that this cat doesn't meow all the time is something pet owners should always keep in mind. If they don't have open access to a litter box or a way of getting outside, he or she might need to potty and the owner might not know. With that in mind, pet owners must be very conscious of their pet's behavior.

People who have allergies or sensitivities to pet fur should keep in mind that this animal sheds a lot. As long as he or she is brushed regularly, this should not be a problem. This is definitely a discussion that should be had before the animal is brought home.

It is quite common with cats to be suspicious of strangers. This is more of a survival instinct than anything else, so it is nothing to be worried about. All you have to do is wait for the cat to feel comfortable, and he or she will more than likely come out eventually to meet the new guest.

Plenty of people find that they are so much happier when they have an animal companion. Many people live alone for one reason or another, and even if you don't live alone, you might feel lonely sometimes or just wish you had a special friend. Cats are great for fulfilling this very human desire since the companionship is something the species clearly values as well.

People who already have a pet or two should think about that before they go adopting a new one. It is necessary for all these animals to be able to get along, after all. That is why it is great that these cats love other animals.

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