A List Of The Services Offered During Professional Dog Grooming In West Springfield MA

By Jose Barnes

Pet grooming services are important for the physical and emotional well-being of your furry friend. A professional session will leave your pet looking and feeling great. Groomers do more than merely clean the coats of dogs and brush their furs. Your canine will benefit from a range of treatments that would boost its overall well-being. Here is a list of standard services offered during professional dog grooming in West Springfield MA.

The first thing that the dog groomer will do is to give your canine a full body checkup. This would include checking for heat, cuts and swelling. The specialist will also examine the eyes for infections and also the ears and ensure that they are odorless. Then again, the professional will proceed to inspect the dental, coat, pads, skin and nails of your beloved furry buddy.

A standard service package would involve cleaning of your dogs eyes and ears. In most cases, this is the first service that will be offered and the specialist will focus on removing mucus and gunk from the eyes of your pet. The professional will also clean the ears and trim the hair inside if need be. You will be informed whether there are any issues of concern that have been identified.

From this point, your furry friend will get a soothing shampoo bath. The coat has to get thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and debris. Bear in mind that there are special, pet-friendly shampoos that are used during this process. The specialist could also choose the right product to use based on the skin or coat issues that were identified during the general health checkup.

After the coat is sparkling clean, it is then dried before brushing and styling. In some cases, the groomer will also have to remove excessive fur by trimming the coat. Based on the breed of your four legged companion, it could even receive a cool haircut to enhance its overall aesthetics.

One of the last services that will be offered is nail trimming. Once the claws and paws of the pooch are spotless, the expert will trim them to the desired length. Again, nail trimming is crucial for the overall health and well-being of your doggy. Trained specialists know just the right length to maintain and this will ensure that your floors do not get scratched without causing pain or discomfort to your furry friend.

There are numerous services you can receive from your pet groomer. Apart from the standard services, you can also receive a range of spa treatments for an extra fee. Simply take the time to find out more about the extras that could be offered and also affirm that you can receive a satisfactory array of services from the same specialist.

It is not easy to find a groomer that you can count on in the long term. You owe it to your pooch to do a thorough research and evaluate different professionals before choosing where to book an appointment. Competent groomers will have a good standing within your area and they will be backed by a good number of positive reviews from other pet parents.

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