An Insight On How To Go About Dog Obedience Training Denver

By Walter Powell

First time pet parents will often think that owning a dog is all sunshine and blue skies. While it is true that your dog is likely to end up being the best friend you will ever have, you must also understand that the natural behaviors of canines may not allow them to fit perfectly into your family. This remains the main reason why it is important to invest in the services of a proficient canine trainer. If you need reliable dog obedience training Denver is a good place to begin research for the best instructors.

There are several tried and tested methods of teaching a dog how to respond appropriately to basic commands. One of the simple commands that your canine can learn with ease is sit. For this, the trick will be to use treats to encourage your pooch to get to a sitting position. Before lessons begin, you need to have your treat at hand.

For this, you need to have a snack in your hand and put it as close as possible to your canines nose. You must then move your hand up, in a way that will leave the pooch in a sitting position. When this happens, let the dog have the treat and say the word sit. You want to do this over and over again until you are sure that your furry friend understands the meaning of your command and responds as desired.

Your canine also needs to learn the command come. This will enable it to always run to you and possibly get away from trouble. In this part of the training, you need to put a leash on the pet and squat to get to its level. From this point, firmly ask your dog to come and gently draw the leash closer to you.

Dogs love cuddles and you should show some affection once the pooch gets to you and responds to the command come. You could also give a treat to encourage a positive response to training and obedience. Again, repeat the sequence with the leash on and also practice without the leash.

Yet another crucial command that your pooch should learn is stay. It is unfortunate that this remains one of the most challenging commands to master. You will therefore need to be patient and also consistent for the best outcome to be achieved. Put your hand as though you want to give the pet a high five and give the stay command. You then need to take several steps back. If the desired response is shown, praise your pet and give it a treat.

In this case, you have to gradually increase the number of steps you take away from your pooch. Also, increase the amount of time to take before giving a treat to encourage the canine scholar. You will need to be easy-going and consistent for this command to be mastered.

Effectively training a dog is not a simple affair. Sometimes, it makes more sense to depend on a trained and proficient trainer. The right professional will help you build a strong bond with your pooch and will also ensure that the goals you set are practical and attainable.

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