Before Buying Siberian Kittens For Sale Virginia

By Jason Stewart

At this very moment, you have landed on this article since you are very active in searching for a pet to be your companion, and to keep you company in your days. Earlier you had seen a sign indicating Siberian kittens for Sale Virginia and this seems to be a very good idea and proposition for a possible pet. However, before you dip into your pockets and make a commitment do read on in this article first for more information about this breed.

Before anything else you should take a personal inventory of your true intention and capabilities in terms of taking on a new pet. Remember that getting a pet is not a sort of fad that you do for a short amount of time, but something that you commit to for the long term. Remember also that it takes a lot of responsibility to take care of living thing and if you are not up to it, do not enter into it.

This breed is believed to be the source of all modern long haired felines to date, such as the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon. Some crooks will actually try to pass off either of these cats as the real deal. However, if you are to get a real Siberian, be prepared to spend around USD 1300 to USD 1800 for one.

Temperament wise these cats are adventurous and friendly. They are so friendly in fact that they can get along with other cats, people and even dogs as well. Although in general they are very active and athletic by nature, these cats can also make good lap cats as well.

Anyone planning to give this breed a bath may not be so successful. For as with any other cat, it will not like water very much. Its coat also has a naturally occurring oil that will repel water so it is kind of difficult to really get them wet and soaked. This oil also keeps the fur neat looking and in order, and the Siberian will rarely look untidy on its own. However, it is suggested you brush its fur at least an hour a week to get rid of debris and small tangles.

Ten to fifteen years is the lifespan range of this cat. Length of lifespans are usually directly attributed to the amount of care and love that it gets. As it does get older, the Siberian will develop complications related to its heart. When it reaches adulthood, it will weigh on average twenty pounds for males and fifteen pounds for females.

Much debate still surrounds the hypoallergenic properties of the fur for this breed. Many say it has no hypoallergenic qualities while others will say it has. In general however there is a scientific agreement as regards the amount of allergens the fir does have, being among one of the least of the cat breeds out there.

In sum this article has shown some basic considerations as regards this breed before you take it under your wing. It might also be a good idea to do further research on diet and upkeep so you can be a more responsible cat owner. Remember to always keep all bases covered as regards information for a potential pet so that you can make a more informed and educated choice.

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