Before You Buy Standard Schnauzer Puppies California

By Betty Stewart

There is a good possibility that you are on this article right now because you are in the market for a new pet or companion. Your colleagues have recommended a schnauzer for you. If you are intent on following their recommendation and thinking of going to the nearest standard schnauzer puppies California breeder, then do read this article first. Finish this article to the end so that you will have a general idea about this breed.

The standard schnauzer is one which is the ancestor of both the miniature schnauzer and giant schnauzer today. It is a working class dog and was bred for farm work and duties during the 14th and 15th centuries. Sometimes it is classified as a terrier in most dog registers when it should be classified and tagged as a working class dog. Its name is roughly translated as snout, and facial fur features a great handlebar mustache. Some say it reminds them of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

In terms of pricing, the price for this breed is not unreachable and will cost anywhere from four hundred dollars to one thousand and five hundred dollars per puppy. As a general rule as with any other dog, the females cost more than the males. If you are willing to get older dogs of around two years or more, they generally will be cheaper ranging from seventy five dollars to four hundred dollars.

This dog can be considered as one of the more intelligent breeds out there. In fact out of one hundred and eighty dog breeds, this dog ranks number 12 when it is given an intelligence test. It is a dog that learns very quickly, but all training should be given when it is still a puppy. In time however, it will get bored with the same tricks that has been taught, so you have to be innovative in terms of learning more.

This dog is no couch potato and will require its fair share of exercise. It goes without saying that it may be needed that you be an active owner as well. It likes to play with people and also with other dogs and will join any activity with enthusiasm. This dog is one which enjoys outdoor activities, particularly long walks and the occasional romp and play.

Upon maturity the standard schnauzer can reach a weight of a range from thirty to forty five pounds. It will on average live anywhere from thirteen to fifteen years and can easily be fed a diet consisting of any high quality commercial dog food. It will not give you too many health problems as its health is fairly robust. Minor complication may set in when it is older that will affect its eyes and hips later on.

People who hat dog hair being place everywhere will be glad to note that this bred sheds hair or fur very little. It is unique in the way that it has two coats of fur. The upper coat being wiry and quite resistant to dust and debris and a softer undercoat. Care has to be taken not to trim the outer coat too much as it will lessen its resistance to dust and dirt. It is best that dead hair be pulled out carefully by hand, and regular brushings be given at least twice to thrice a week.

This article has given some general information regarding this breed. As it takes a lot of commitment and responsibility to be a dog owner, always make sure you have the pertinent information needed and researched.

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