Before You Go And Visit Chinese Crested Powder Puff Breeders

By Margaret Bailey

You may have landed on this article page at this moment since you are basically looking for a new pet to keep you company, or even a replacement one at that. You saw a sign earlier made by Chinese crested powder puff breeders selling puppies and this has somewhat piqued your interest. Before you do go and march down there to make a purchase, do finish this article first.

First of all take a step back and make an honest inventory of yourself and your intentions. Make sure you are getting a pet for the right intentions and reasons and not just as a fad or something for the heck of it. Remember that you will be taking of a living thing and you need to be committed and responsible. And one way to show responsibility is to know more about your preferred breed before buying it.

The dog is called crested due to the uncanny crest on top of its head which is akin to the mane of a horse, if one is dead set for an example. The breed has two very distinct varieties, being the regular and the powder puff. The regular crested will have hair only on its head, the ends of its tail and legs while the remainder of its body remains totally bald. The powder puff is one that is fully covered in hair.

Regardless of their physical differences, it must be noted that these dogs are of the same breed and have one common ancestor. Many believe that since they are called Chinese that they came from China, when actually research refutes it. It is believed that this breed originated in Africa and that Chinese traders them the on board their ships as a form of pest control dog. When they arrived back in China, the dog became popular and was so named.

This dog breed is classified as toy sized and upon maturity will reach a weight of around up to twelve pounds for males and females. Height wise on average it will reach one foot more or less at the shoulder. It does have a lifetime of around ten to fifteen years and this can be extended somewhat with proper care and nutrition.

This breed cab vie for the ultimate lap dog title as it is perfectly happy being on your lap or just next to you doing nothing the whole day. Some have even said that this is a dog perfect for invalids. It is a dog that has minimal exercise requirements, being at less than twenty minutes a day.

Despite its size, you will have your schedule cut out for you in terms of grooming this breed properly. If you have the hairless variety you need to give it baths regularly of anywhere from two to three times a week to prevent skin infections. If you have the full haired one, you need to give it regular brushings once a day to maintain both smoothness and softness of the coat.

In addition, as a final note, this dog is extremely friendly with children and animals, and also gets along with strangers. However, due to its size, rough play must be avoided so that it will avoid injuries while playing.

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