By Hiring A Photo Booth For Parties Long Island Events Are More Fun

By Mark Roberts

Picture booths are not a new trend. Years ago, they could be found in almost every shopping mall. They were small, nondescript little kiosks meant to take passport photographs. The advent of cell phones and digital photography was their death knell, however, and they disappeared from the scene. Now they are back with a vengeance and when hiring a photo booth for parties Long Island hosts make sure that their guests will have lots of fun.

Modern picture booths are nothing like their older relatives. They are also used to take photographs, but that is the only similarity. Modern booths are not found in shopping malls any longer. They are, instead, rented out by contractors for use at specific events. Event organizers hire these booths when they want to provide their guests with some fun and a novelty activity.

Booths now look nothing like their forebears. They are designed to fit in with just about every event theme and colour scheme. Instead of being installed in a corner somewhere, they often form an integral part of the decorations. This is because they are available in all shapes and sizes. Some look like pirate ships, others like castles and almost any other fantasy shape one can think of.

With older booths, one had to wait a few minutes while the pictures are developed. Modern booths employ the very latest digital technology. The results are available straight away and the quality is extremely high. If one is not happy with the picture, it is deleted and another is taken. There is no limit to the number of pictures that can be taken during an event.

It is surprisingly affordable to hire a kiosk for a party or event. The price normally include delivery, installation, a short training session and the removal of the kiosk after the even. When considering the cost of these services, one should think about what it would cost to hire other types of entertainment. All arrangements can be made online and the event organizer does not have to lift a finger.

Many suppliers even go to the trouble of providing their clients with a selection of costumes, accessories and other items that can be used to dress up and to have fun taking funny or ridiculous pictures. Guests love this and it is also a very good way in which to loosen the atmosphere at an event. One can even use these props to organize competitions, further encouraging guests to relax and to have fun.

It is not surprising to learn that the popularity of these booths have soared. They are affordable, they offer a lot of fun and they are suitable for every conceivable event and target group, from birthday parties for young children to black tie events. It is an excellent way in which to break the ice and many guests even feel that the fun they had with the kiosk was the highlight of the event.

One wonders what the future of these booths will be. Already manufacturers are supplying new models that can take pictures and record video. This opens lots of new entertainment opportunities.

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