Facts About Egyptian Mau For Sale

By Christine Lee

Cat fanatics who are impressed by exotic looks should go for Egyptian Mau. The reason is that the feline is one of the two domesticated cats that are naturally spotted The other naturally spotted domestic cat is the Bahraini Dilmun Cat. What it means when they say naturally spotted is that humans did not manipulate the genes of the cat to produce their spotting pattern. The cats can be differentiated from other breeds by their spots and stripes. This is worth learning about Egyptian Mau for sale.

Despite their name which seems to suggest that they originated from Egypt, their place of origin is not clear. For instance, some evidence point to the effect that they are descendants of African wild cat. On the other hand, DNA analysis shows that they may have originated from Europe. In fact, some phylogenetic tree indicates that they belong to a group of western-derived breeds.

The question of their origin is further complicated by the fact that spotted cats exist in modern-day Egypt. On the other hand, the Maus share more than a passing resemblance with kitties such as the Korat, Turkish Angoras, and Maine Coon. To add on this, there is a close genetic similarity between the aforementioned western cat breeds and the Maus.

No matter the origin of this breed one thing is clear, they are rare as they are beautiful. There spotted bodies give them the appearance of miniature jungle cats. They have muscular and slender bodies with slightly unique metabolism, behaviors, and anatomy. For instance, one of their anatomical differences is in their legs. Their front legs are slightly shorter than their hind limbs.

These breed has a skin fold underneath their bellies, which presents another anatomical variance. The skin fold looks like that found in cheetahs. This makes them run faster by stretching back farther. The fact that they run fastest than all domestic cats makes them an equivalent of the greyhounds in the cat world.

These cats are great climbers and jumpers as well. Therefore, if one has one, they should invest in tall cat trees. They also become very active when involved in games like fetch. They find it enjoyable sitting in laps when they are not playing. They are fiercely devoted and loyal. This means that they find it enjoyable to spend time with humans. However, they tend to love one particular family member than others.

Early socialization is necessary since these cats tend to love one family member more. Socialization is also important for them to warm up to other pets and people. Although they are peaceful and calm, they are good hunters, which makes it important to be careful with other pets like birds and hamsters. Socialization can help with the hunting instinct.

Lastly, it is easy to tell when they are happy. They show this by chortling quietly, kneading with their front paws, and swishing their tails rapidly. Also, they are quite sensitive to temperature changes. They prefer warm temperatures. Their sensitivity does not end there as they are also sensitive to anesthesia and medicines. Breeders must also be preferred for a longer gestational period of about 73 days from the usual 65 to 67 days.

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