For Australian Labradoodles Is Worth Visiting

By Daniel Sullivan

Statistics indicate that dogs are kept by a significant number of individuals as their favorite or preferred pets. This clarifies why dog fanatics have an obsession for labradoodles which are also considered as designer canines. The numerous advantages that the hybrid dog delivers results into the designer part of their name. The parents which are a Labrador retriever and either a standard or miniature poodle, pass down to the offspring the traits that render it such a good breed. When in search of Australian Labradoodles should be given priority.

Some folks are of the opinion that labradoodles should not be labelled as designer canines due to their long history. As history tells, they were common assistance dogs, especially helping people with visual impairment by the 1980s. Such people center their argument on this sort of history when invalidating the depiction of this breed as designer canines. The argument of such people is that popularity alone should not be a factor to put into consideration.

In the beginning, this breed was bred for the sole purpose of serving as hypoallergenic guide dogs. However, due to their current growing popularity an increasing number of homeowners are keeping them as family pets or guide dogs. The good thing is that they fit in both roles thanks to their intelligence and trainability.

It seems like these hybrids do not only inherit good looks from their parents but also intelligence. In terms of intelligence, they are among the simplest breeds to train because they learn commands very fast. Unluckily, one can easily direct this intelligence towards learning bad traits quickly when they are not trained as early as it is advised.

To avoid this possibility, the owner must see to it that their training is started at the recommended age. Where possible they should be enrolled in puppy kindergarten. Enrolling them in such institution will teach them what is expected of them. They are good at canine sports where activities such as obedience trials, agility, and fly ball are involved.

A labradoodle is naturally a sensitive canine which makes it respond inadequately to any kind of heavy handed training or harsh correction. However, the response to positive reinforcement is overwhelmingly good. Any person who decides to train the dog on their own will realize that its best character is brought out by positive reinforcement. The dog will even try to act smarter than the coach just for enjoyment.

As soon as a labradoodle enters its new home, it needs to be taught certain commands. In order to make their stay easier, they should be educated in commands such as come, sit, stay, bed, quiet, leave it and down. Communicating to them becomes easier once they have grasped their limits and ground rules. But a person should expect anything from them since they will often try to test the boundaries of ground rules.

Finally, it is clear that the cons of this breed are outweighed by their pros. Being a crossbreed is one of the negativities and it causes variability in behavior and physical traits. Nevertheless, with correct training and re-training tackling the behavioral concerns can be easy. Health issues which affect purebreds is another disadvantage of this breed.

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