For Senior Dogs, You Should Get Soft Chew Dog Treats

By Jason West

The best kind of dog owners always goes for whats best for their beloved pets. As these fur balls stand the test of time and enter into their golden years, theyre effectively embarking on a most taxing time, both for them and their owners. Dog parents do what they have to make this passage as smooth and comfortable as possible. They start off by transitioning the pooches diet from crunchy delicacies to soft chew dog treats.

In their heydays, mutts are wild and rambunctious enough to gobble up anything and everything that comes within their reach. Their appetites are so ravenous that they conveniently gorge down on whatever you provide them. In the pinnacle of health, you also neednt worry about the nutritional value of these doggy delights.

Getting them to eat can be a headache on some days, but certainly not in most. In fact, theyre so in love with delish treats that thats what we dangle in front of their snouts as stuff for blackmail. Its how we get them to be well behaved and trained, by rewarding it to them when they most deserve it.

With senior pooches, its a totally different story. For one, theyre no longer as active as was their wont, so theyre not burning up calories and not needing filling up as much. Also, in their whole dining career, theyve probably had that selfsame chow throughout the years and its not exciting them in much the same way.

Guess thats the common denominator between dogs and their masters. As they age, they usually become more health conscious. These trusting dogs have of course no say in whatever you put in your doggy bowls. If theyre hungry enough, they still trustingly eat whatever it is you are able to provide. It goes without saying that its wholly dependent on you as the owner to be sagacious enough to anticipate their changing needs.

Even when you see that your best friend is on a steep decline, thats no reason to despond. You must do whatever you can to ensure that he makes the most out of his remaining lifespan. Start with giving him food that not only sustains him, but also improves the quality of his life.

Also, there are most likely changes actuating in their physical make up. For example, their gums may be as gummy as ever, in that their teeth are no longer firmly grounded, which makes chewing and grinding really difficult and painful. These geriatric dogs are also prone to a host of digestive conditions, especially diarrhea, that which makes them lose their used to be ravenous appetites.

Of course, your chemists and scientists still understand the importance of appealing to your dogs fancy. Know, then, that these doggy delicacies come in a range of styles and flavors. Theres peanut butter, lamb and salmon, roasted chicken, bacon, dried beef liver, banana, and bacon and cheese. Talk about spoiling.

If theyve reached their senior years in your domains, that should mean theyve spent a considerable amount of years with you. Now, its the nifty time to return the favor. You can do this by making their condition as easy and breezy as much as you can possibly manage.

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