How To Find Poetry Contest Sites That Fit You

By Stephen Burns

While poets do it for fun, honing your skills against those of others and making something out of it is not such a bad idea. There are numerous poetry contest sites you can explore. However, some of these websites will give you a raw deal and kill your writing career. You need a platform that allows you to thrive. How do you identify such a platform amidst the many that line the internet?

The website should be run by professionals who understand the world of poetry. The best professionals are literature departments, renowned poets and institutions interested in art. While individuals may also organize contests, they should have the support of institutions or gurus in the industry. This guarantees fairness and also ensures that you get the best experience from your creativity.

Choose a contest that has a reputation of fairness and reasonable prizes. Organizers require time to grow a reputation. With a reputation, it means that they are not newcomers in the industry. Other poets have gained confidence in their work. Referrals from past winners and participants as well as reviews will help you choose between different contests. It helps you avoid contests whose winners are predetermined.

The exposure you get from participating in the competition should be known. While prize money is worthwhile, literary exposure adds great value to your life. The best forms of engagement include seminars, participation in exhibitions and being entered in reading sessions. You will be a better poet when you learn from seasoned poets and participate in exhibitions than just taking prize money home.

Enter competitions whose reward is reasonable. Even when you write for fun, the effort made in entering a competition should pay. Most organizers will give rewards in form of money. This might go to only the top poets. Others whose works appeared top should be considered for exhibitions and publishing, among other consolation prizes. The rewards should exceed the much you registered with.

The winners of the contest must be genuine and publicly announced. You ascertain this by ensuring that entry or participation rules are clear. The judging criterion should be publicized so that participants can determine who is in and who is out. Judges should be impartial and provide everyone with an opportunity to win. There should also be different categories of participation, for example, beginners, intermediate and pros, among other, in order to give an opportunity to all.

The rules of entry and participation should be fair to all. This also means easy modes of submission, well publicized contests and sufficient time to make your submission. It means that everyone can participate. This increases competition and gives you a perfect feel of the market. It is easier to make submissions online since you can do it anytime and from anywhere.

Where there are proceeds from the competition, they must trickle down to the writers of these poems. Organizers may think of producing books or such other materials. Loyalties and collections from any sales made must be sent to writers. You should insist on being acknowledged as the author despite receiving your cash prize. This raises your profile as a poet and enables you to enjoy the rewards of your talent.

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