Improve Your Hockey Skills With The Following Practice Drills And Sporting Goods Louisiana

By Carolyn Kennedy

The best way to improve at something is by constantly practicing and setting out planned programs. This does not differ with hockey. Using Sporting Goods Louisiana and setting out planned hockey practice drills will allow for the full maximization of a practice and can highlight your strengths and weaknesses allowing one to rank themselves as either a beginner, intermediate or advanced player.

There are a various number of drills that can be planned out to ensure that all core competencies of the group are met. These competencies can be listed under Ball handling, Shooting and Attacking tactics, Passing and lastly Offensive and Defensive drills. Each drill is aimed at improving certain skills within the sport of hockey.

Ball control drills help with coordinating the movement of the ball and the movement of your hand holding the hockey stick. A ball control technique known as the control zone is great for beginner players as it is done individually. The player is required to put their feet a shoulder width apart from each other and place their left hand directly in front of them with the ball in their hand. Then it is thrown from their left hand onto the ground and the player is required to dribble, pass and shoot. This technique helps players to understand their control area.

The Straight, Loose and Indian are others ball control techniques used. They focus on three dribbling strategies and are examples of the most effective techniques well precticed by professionals.

Consistent interaction with the ball during a hockey match is essential. The Straight Dribble is a technique that builds one s skills around that. A basic grip on the stick is what is required first and then the player needs to place the hand holding the stick to the right of their body. The ball is then dribbled while maintaining constant contact with the stick. This positioning works as great protection from opponents and leaves room for an easy pass if the player uses their senses for who is on their left and right sides and keeps their eyes focused ahead of themselves.

Speed is important during a hockey match and sometimes the Straight Dribble is not enough. This is when the Loose Dribble technique is used. The same posture rules apply as the Straight Dribble however the ball does not keep constant contact with the stick. The stick is used to tap on the ball ensuring that the player runs after it. This method allows for faster passes between players as well.

The final dribbling method that will be looked at is the Indian Dribble. This is known as one of the most difficult methods to defend against. It requires the player to navigate through opponents by dodging their sticks, this is achieved by holding the stick with a basic grip and positioning your left hand to the right ensuring that the stick is rotated at 180 degrees. This method is perfectly practiced when the right hand is not turned as it allows for better control to push the ball flat across.

Starting off with beginner methods such as dribbling, and ball control is essential before moving onto more detailed approaches such as attacking and defensive drills. To improve your skills good hockey practice drills are essential, an hour a day of constant practice to improve the skills that are missing can get you to become a high-level player.

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