Making The Process Of Dog Nail Trimming Newton MA Less Stressful

By Scott Cooper

The process of cutting nails of your doggy is not as easy as most people assume. There is so much hard work and tolerance involved. The process starts when the pet is pinned to the ground on its side. The next step is wrapping of a leash around the jaw of the animal. This whole process is stressing to the pet therefore you must prepare it first. Firstly, start desensitizing it by touching the feet of the pouch few minutes in a day. The information below will help you have a very easy time during dog nail trimming Newton MA.

Touching the pet feet, stroking and holding the feet as well as scrutinizing and tapping the toes is next. This must happen at least for two weeks. Once you are done desensitizing, massage all the favorite spots of your pet. On finishing, dust the animal and start using clippers. Allow the puppy to touch and sniff your clippers using its legs or feet.

Next, tap the pet nails using the clippers. This should be done for about a week. Every session must be followed with a massage. Then, begin by putting the pet nails in the clipper jaws. Hold the foot in a way to show that you are about to start the cutting process. After the desensitization procedure is finished, it is time for action. Clip one nail first. Expect the pet to scream, behave jerky or growl. When the animal seems very upset, scratch its neck or its favorite spot for it to calm down. Trim a nail daily.

You must be prepared for the screaming and growling of your pouch. If the animal is overly upset, scratch the neck or another favorite area for calming. Repeat the process daily till the process is over. After a while, your animal will realize that you do not intend to harm it. There are some things you must do to ensure the calm of your animal. Firstly, go very slow. Never try cutting all nails in one sitting. Clip one per day or alternately. You must know that all dogs are not the same and yours could not be as tolerant as that off you friend.

Ensure that your pet is very familiar with the clippers. Begin small through touching its feet and toes using your hands. Later on, include the clippers in the touching process so that the animal becomes familiar with your grip as well as the sounds of your clippers. The process must be very slow.

You must remain composed throughout the process. When you are anxious, the doggy will react. Staying calm will make your pooch follow suit. If you have to talk to your furry buddy, do it using a soft tone.

In the course of clipping, hold your pet in varying positions. Try and find out the relaxing positions for your furry buddy. They can be most comfortable when lying down, sitting and standing. Its feet should curl below and held in the front. You will know the right positions with this for your pet.

The activity should be as interesting as possible for the animal. Link it with positive rewards like giving dog treats or foods for assistance. You can also touch the animal as a way of communicating with it. Massaging or scratching it will also strengthen the bond between thee two of you.

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