Qualities Of The Best Saint Berdoodle For Sale

By Jason King

There are several wonderful dog breeds that you can purchase if you want to own a puppy. People have different temperaments which makes them select different strains. A good example is the Saint Berdoodle for sale. This is one of the best breeds that you can consider when looking for the perfect pup. Nevertheless, it is paramount to check out the characteristics of the kind you are interested in before buying it. This will give you an idea of what type of dog you are about to get involved with. The features of this type of breed are listed below.

To begin with, decide whether you need a pedigree or a mixed breed. One thing you should know about this puppy is that it is not a pedigree. It is a cross breed between Saint Bernard and the standard poodle. Therefore, you can get a first generation or a second generation puppy. Hence, when looking for this pup, make sure you consider the generation.

This pup originated in the United States of America. This pup is believed to be around even before the seventeenth century. Although this pup is very popular, it has not yet been initiated into the American Kennel Club. This may be due to its mixed breed which makes it be disqualified. However, it is recognized and registered with other clubs that support mixed dogs.

The life expectancy of this puppy is higher than most dogs. It tends to live for longer than most dogs so long as it is provided with proper care. The life expectancy range is between ten to twelve years. During its lifetime, this dog tends to be very active, happy and seeking attention. It is thus very appropriate for households and is very friendly to kids.

This pup has the most adorable temperament. It is loving, affectionate and likes attention, may be too much to appoint of feeling neglected when it is alone. At this time, this pup may become aggressive and destructive as payback for being neglected. For this reason, if you are going to buy this pup, ensure you have a schedule that will accommodate its active nature.

This pup has a large physique. It inherits the best characteristics of both parents. It is a sturdy pup that inherits its large physique from Bernard. Also, it has a curly coat that is so wonderful, which it inherits from the other side of the standard poodle. Therefore, the pup tends to have curly hair and is very large and strong.

Due to its large size, it has high energy needs. Therefore, the owner must make sure that it is exercised regularly. Unlike other smaller puppies, this pup needs to be regularly exercised. This is paramount to stimulate it both physically and mentally. Therefore, you can look for activities that are ideal both for the pup and you.

This pup requires a household that has older kids and a living space that is spacious. The breed does not have any serious health issues. This is because it inherits the best genes from both parents and leaves the health defects. This is a wonderful dog that you should consider having around.

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