Shelters Like The Humane Society San Jose Del Cabo Are The Best Places To Find Furry Companions

By Michelle King

The decision to add a pet to the family is a big one. It is another living being to care for, and that is a huge commitment. Some people know exactly what kind of pet they want while others aren't sure. Many people will only consider purebred dogs and cats. Others will only consider a kitten or puppy instead of opting for an older animal. There are some special individuals who choose to adopt from an agency like the Humane Society San Jose Del Cabo. They have a lot of good reasons of making this choice.

This choice will save a life. Each year in this country, almost three million animals are put to death because they have been abandoned at shelters that have limited space and not enough people willing to adopt rather than buy a pet. Almost every time someone opts to adopt an animal that desperately needs a home, they are saving the life of that cat or dog. They are also freeing up space at a shelter so that another animal can be accepted.

The selection is huge at a shelter. You can find a great pet no matter what size, shape, temperament, or age you are looking for. If you prefer a baby, there are puppies and kittens to choose from. Shelters even have a selection of purebred animals, looking for a new home, most of the time. Rarely is an animal abandoned at a shelter because of a behavioral problem or a violent incident.

The majority of cats and dogs end up at shelters through no fault of their own. Owners drop them off because they can't afford to keep them, are moving somewhere the pet can't go, are divorcing, or have decided to give up the pet of a loved one who has passed away. These have been someone's pet and can be great additions to new families.

Shelter animals are good economic choices. If you buy a pure bred kitten or puppy from a breeder, you're going to pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. What you are actually spending the money on is the bloodline, the right to register the cat or dog with national organizations, and sometimes, the chance to show it.

The amount of money breeders can get also depends on how popular the breed is. Unless you are in the business of showing pedigreed animals, adopting makes more sense. A lot of shelter animals are house trained and accustomed to living in households. If you adopt an adult pet, you don't have to worry about how big the animal will become.

If you go to a pet store or a flea market to buy a purebred puppy or kitten it is very likely that the animal comes from a puppy or kitten mill. These mills are breeding factories that value profit over humane conditions. Animals frequently don't get proper medical care.

The breed mothers are often kept in cages their whole lives with no opportunity for human contact. Once they are too old to breed, they are discarded, killed, auctioned or abandoned. No one should contribute to the operation of any kind of mill.

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