The Benefits Of Soy Free Dog Treats

By Elizabeth Ward

Your pet requires food on a daily basis not only for growth but also other nutritional benefits. However, they should not be given any type of meal as some have effects. Most regular foods are stuffed with corn, wheat, and other products. Soy free dog treats eliminate all those ingredients. It is high in protein, animal fats, and meat and low in carbohydrates. Ensure that you discuss with your vet to give you guidance on how to feed the pup.

Dogs can be able to digest such feeds better. They do not have amylase enzyme which breaks down carbohydrates. A grain-free treat will, therefore, be easily broken down and assimilated in the body. Studies have shown that they find it hard to digest grains. Since the food does not have grains, it will be easily digestible. If you see that your pup is facing problems in digesting feeds, it is imperative you introduce a grain free diet.

Many of the brands include higher quantities of grain into their feed-stuff so as to boost the volume. They then sell them at lower amounts for the purposes of attracting more clients. These products, in turn, have a lower nutritional value hence will not benefit the animal. However, this nutrition is high in vegetables, fish protein, meat and fiber which is needed.

Such food is very important when it comes to coat development. Grains do not have high levels of nutrients, oils, and fats that are useful in maintaining a strong, healthy coat. Diets free from grain have omega-3 oil that is present in fish meat and therefore will ensure that the coat stays healthy, shiny and thick.

Such a diet provides the needed energy to the pet. Protein is a source of energy not only for humans but also dogs. Regular nutrition will not be able to offer the needed energy levels. This diet is recommended for both lactating and pregnant dogs as it provides them with the energy they require to reproduce and also to feed their puppies.

If you find out that your pup has allergies, you should think of introducing a grain free diet. A majority of them react to wheat and corn the symptoms those allergic will exhibit include an itchy behind, diarrhea, and licking of feet. You need to see a vet as soon as possible for the allergy to be treated. The vet will definitely recommend that you change the nutrition.

Another benefit is that it helps in controlling the weight of the pup. If they consume excessive amounts of carbohydrates, they will gain more weight especially when they do not exercise. Since the feeds are high in vegetables and meat, their weight will be controlled. It also keeps them full for longer times resulting in fewer levels being eaten during the entire day.

They are also beneficial to the dog breath. If you own one, there are times you may experience a less pleasant breath. Grain-free feeds can be able to improve on that. As nutritional plays a huge role in dental health, poor nutrition will result in bad breath. Keep in mind that the feed-stuffs ought to be introduced slowly if you have made a switch for the digestive system to adjust.

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