Tips For Finding Productive Local Volunteer Opportunities In Eastside Detroit

By Jeffrey West

Due to the high rate of unemployment nowadays, many college or university leavers find volunteering activities the best way to use their time and knowledge as they search for a job opportunity. Involving yourself in a volunteer project is a good way to use the acquired skills as well as advance your technical knowledge as you meet with new people on the same mission as you. The following are some elements to consider when looking for local volunteer opportunities in Eastside Detroit.

Know what you want to achieve from the activity at the end of the project. It is important you find an organization with the things that you need from the volunteer work. For instance, it may be to learn new skills, meet new people or socialize. Volunteering for work that offers you what you need makes the project even more interesting to you.

The duration. Consider the time frame you want to spend on the task and find an organization with such services within that time frame. Consult with the organization to know the amount of time you are likely to spend on the program every day to know if the activity is the right one for you. If you want a short-term volunteering activity, you should find organizations with such programs to avoid any inconveniences.

Know the goals and objectives of the organization. By checking the company goals, you will know if you are in the right place. The organization and project goals should mesh with the goals that you want to achieve at the end of the undertaking. Knowing the goals ahead of time will also help you in formulating a good work plan for the project.

Take into account the criteria the organization uses to recruit the volunteers. Some organizations have strict qualification expectations from people wishing to volunteer because some volunteering services also require some expertise. Consult with your prospective organization and get to find out the qualification requirements to know if you are fit for the work.

Find out the job description. Ask for a detailed job description of what you will be undertaking during the project period. Whoever will be giving you the job description should also enlighten you on the period and the work terms and conditions. Having a detailed job description also enables the supervisors to know what you need for the work and offer you the right assistance.

Know the living and working conditions for the job. Know if the institution you will be working for will provide accommodation places within the time of the project. Choose the projects in places you are assured of safety at all times. Also, it important to understand all the conditions for the job including the meal plans and transportation needs.

Be aware of the project costs. If the project is expensive and requires you to use money out of your own pocket, you need to know that before commencing the work. Some organizations also require placement fee for upkeep, accommodation, and meals during the work period. Know about all this before making any commitments with the organization.

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