Tips For Understanding Black And Brown Standard Poodles

By Janet Bailey

A pet is part of the family - not just a mere animal. This concept is just one reason why it is so important for an individual to choose a dog breed that has needs and personality traits that are compatible with their lifestyle and tolerances. Potential owners interested in black and brown standard Poodles should take time to learn as much about them as possible ahead of time.

The Poodle is one of the oldest known breeds and it was developed specifically for the sport of hunting waterfowl. Their name was actually derived from the German word that means ""to splash in water". However, they became a common symbol of class and stature once they became popular with the French aristocracy.

They are easily recognizable because of their unique way of being groomed. The style may first appear to be quite pompous, though it originally served very practical purposes for this breed's work. When the fur was removed from areas like the long portion of the bones and in the middle, the animal became lighter and less likely for its coat to snag on debris under the water, while clumps of hair left around the joints and vital organs served as insulation to protect them from the cold.

Their build is rather square with their height and length being approximately the same. They have rounded skulls with a just slightly flattened front that extends out to a straight muzzle. Their eyes are oval shaped, dark and set far apart, long ears hang close to the head, tail sets high on the back and is carried upright, and their small arched and oval feet have toes.

The pride in this breed shows in the haughty and elegant way they carry themselves. They have a springy, light, and athletic gait. A Poodle's coat can be either corded or curly.

One thing the Poodle is very well known for is its very high level of intelligence. They are very clever and excel at training, making them one of the most obedient breeds in existence. Owners should be aware that due to their ability to learn quickly, they can pick up bad habits just as easily as they do the good ones, so it is crucial that consistency in training and discipline be exercised.

Like other intelligent species, these dogs are going to require a bit of mental stimulation which can be in the form of obstacle training, playing fetch, or obedience games. Owners need to make their position as pack leader clear to the animal because their high intelligence and natural leadership qualities make them prone to Alpha Dog Syndrome - a condition where they want to be in control. This breed develops tight bonds with their human family, sensing moods and even developing separation anxiety, so socializing them with other pets can be helpful.

Averaging approximately 18" at the shoulder, and weighing roughly 65lbs - this breed is very adaptable to any type of living condition and can tolerate both hot and cold climates. They produce very little dander and have become very popular hypoallergenic dogs. As they can live up to 18 years, individuals need to be fully committed to taking care of these animals for its entire lifetime.

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