Treatment Options In Separation Anxiety For Dogs

By Jeffrey Edwards

It can be very telling that the greatest example of mutual interspecies relationship is that between dogs and humans. In fact, this relationship has spiraled well out control to the point that some dogs expressly cant live without their human best friends. Separation Anxiety for Dogs in Los Angeles is one such phenomenon that drives home this point.

Its saying something about the human and dog bond that they are mutually attached to one another. Humans professedly love their mutts, and miss them when theyre away for some time. However, its usually not to the point of being deeply wrecked and neurotic, as is the wont of some dogs.

Anyway, the point being that people genuinely love and are capable of missing their dog as well. All the same, they cannot hold a candle to a dogs degree of missing them, if it can actually be called that. Its a given that our pets can be overly excited and keyed up whenever we come home from wherever. However, there are some cases when their excitement is just too overwrought and unnatural.

It must mean theyve been anticipating your return too much. In fact, the case of you leaving them, even for minutes at a time, can be really distressing and unbearable for them. Its like having a perpetual shadow literally dogging you everywhere.

However, thats not to blame your totally lovable pet. If theyre suffering from separation anxiety, theyre the last blamable thing to consider. Its not totally clear what causes pets to incur this condition but a common denominator has been drawn with shelter dogs who must have had some or other traumatic experience. Being abandoned or given away is considered one such experience. With other pooches, it may have been with the change of residence, schedule, and household membership, such that if one member went away or has died.

It will no doubt be an unwelcome shock to go back to your house and find that your chairs and tables have been upturned, your walls scratched, your carpets soiled, and your low cabinets hanging by their hinges. Its as if an indoor hurricane formed and laid waste during your absence. Thats for metaphorical purposes, though, because you actually know the real culprit.

However, it would not do to diagnose all by yourself, since its practically an illness that entitles dogs to a range of heavy duty medications. If your dog expresses any of these symptoms, for example, it could be that he wasnt house trained in the first place, or was just indulging in territorial marking habits. He may also be merely teething or just bored. Also, it could be that they suffer from similar though discrete dysfunctions such as phobias. Correct diagnosis is requisite since it will set your mind at rest and allow you to better anticipate his behavior.

At the same time, though, you noticed that his teeth are broken, his nails are damaged, and his paws cut and scraped. All for trying to get to you when it felt abandoned. Which is why all the possible exit points, such as the doors and windows have been lacerated and gashed beyond belief. And its not like you werent given warnings, either. Youve noticed the symptoms for the longest time. As you expressed some cues that you were going out, he had barked, whined, scratched, salivated, and acted out literally every vestige of distress imaginable that any discerning pet owner can identify. Not to mention that hes too attached and too fond of you, too much even for his own good.

Its natural for dogs to express their anxiety in separations. After all, theyre extremely social animals with a hyperactive compass for love and affection for their owner. However, this shouldnt stretch to the point where they inconvenience us and make us worry about their well being and safety. We should prove our love and loyalty is commensurate with theirs by sticking with them in a very trying time.

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