Various Traits Of A Bernese Mountain Dog

By Daniel Cook

Many have appreciated this kind of dog, the Bernese mountain dog, it said to be an easygoing and a lovely breed. Like some other breeds, there characteristic as loyal to the family that owns them, they can also get along with the children that their owners have. Bernese Mountain Dog Doodle which was really famous and loved by anybody else.

One of its best traits is its loyalty. Their loyalty varies from what other dogs can do. This has been proven because one of my friends took home an adult Bernese, what happened is that it would not get along with. In fact, he had a hard time making the dog liked them. Some would say that this because their dog is still tied up with the bond it had with its previous owner. And this case had already happened a lot of times.

When you try to compare their intelligence among other dogs, nothing can compare to it. Based on research, they are the only one who has high intelligence skills. Even if what the canine has, they still are higher than it. This is due to the reason that one can train it easily, everything that you have taught them can be remembered easily.

They were also considered as the clown among all the breed because they are so goofy and playful. They are fond of playing around, they can be so clever and you will even love them more. For the past few years they were even used for circus act and tricks.

They are most known of their coats. You can always see one which has wavy hair, and at rare times there are also some who has straight coats. If you happen to be allergic to any dog dander, the best type of coat for you is the wavy one. Their coats also consist of different colors, each one has three colors on it.

Their sizes also differ, this depends on their parents and the gender they have. Like any other breed, if it is a female than it can grow smaller than the male. And as usual, they will have the size that their parents have.

As what thing goes not everything is perfect, not all of them has a positive kind of characteristics. Other has failed to have all of these beautiful traits. This due to crossbreeding and the trait that its genes have is a negative effect on the way it behaves. They may have inherited the trait from either of the parents who possess the same kind of characteristic.

They are most prone to common disease, especially when they are staring to age. Proper caring for them is important, most owners will still have to do regular checkups to make sure their health is not at stake. Exercise and proper nutrition should also be given to them. Take good care for them is really important.

You can appreciate this kind of breed because of its adorable trait. When you happen to own one, always remember to take a good care of it so that you will be able to maintain the way it is designed. This dog is precious, other owners would consider this as their treasure.

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