What Makes The Best Creative Corporate Headshots

By Shirley Murray

Success in business depends on the image you portray outwards. The image in question here is that of executives behind your business. There are instances where creative corporate headshots are required for media appearance, production of brochures and use on websites, among other uses. Developing these shots and giving them a professional look requires consideration of several factors.

Match the shots with your corporate brand. The images are used to promote your brand or business. Once a person encounters the cards or brochures, he or she should feel the presence of your brand. It is in the choice of colors and graphics used. Give it an official look that is also engaging.

Lighting delivers magic on photos. As much as possible, use natural lighting because it cannot be matched by any other form of light. However, professional lighting is still available to give you a similar effect as you would expect from natural lighting. Light has a way of rubbing quality on images. Use a studio or photographer who will effectively manage lighting to give you the best shots.

Give the shots a simple yet professional background. Backgrounds can take attention away from the executive or distract those who see the images from the message they are supposed to get. Use relevant colors, graphics and images that relate to the business and industry. The background forms part of the message being communicated.

Dressing should match an occasion where you are meeting a new client. You have no idea where the images will go. There are clients who will be clicking on your website for the first time ever. They need to see a person who is ready for that impressive first appearance. This means having basic hair and makeup that match the expectations of the industry.

Trending style is likely to mess you up. You need to take a conservative tone instead of the traditionally flashy one. Trends have an expiry date. To maintain the trendy feel, you will be required to take new shots every two or three months. This will affect the feeling of consistency that is associated with successful brands. Without changing, you are regarded as outdated and might not get the business you are chasing.

Take a posture that is inviting yet official. Be relaxed in an environment that resonates with the industry where you work. The posture should inspire confidence in anyone who encounters it. Keep your back straight and pull the shoulders slightly backwards. Do not send an image of a stiff person because it will turn away potential clients. The smile should be natural and a personality that is authentic.

The state of your body and mind will reflect in the photo. Eat healthy and hydrate to give your skin a supple natural feel. You become dull if you have psychological and emotional issues that are visible on the surface. Compare what other brands and peers in your industry are doing. Work with an experienced professional who will help you produce unique shots.

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