What You Need To Ask Before Enrolling Your Pet In A Dog Daycare Longmont CO Facility

By Ann Schmidt

If you travel a lot for work, leaving your pet alone at home is not the best option. This is because a lot can happen to harm your animal friend, and if they are the aggressive types, they could also cause a lot of damage to your property. It is therefore considered a smart choice to get the help of a reputable dog daycare Longmont CO. Here are the top considerations which you need to make when picking an appropriate dog daycare facility.

First, you have to visit the facilities before signing up your dog. Take an afternoon off and head to the facilities. The things which you will assess when you get there include cleanliness, the size of the rooms, the ventilation, the floors and the fences. All these are factors that affect the health and safety of your pets on the facility.

The second consideration that you need to think about is whether the dogs at the facility are separated appropriately. There are some daycares where the large dogs are allowed to roam with smaller ones. This could lead to fights and serious injuries on the smaller dogs. Separation should also be based on temperament and plat style in order to ensure maximum playing safety.

The next question that you must ask is the ratio between the dogs and the staff. It is recommended that the ratio between the humans and the dogs should never exceed 1:15. If the dogs are large and active, responsible pet care centers bring the ratio down to one human for every ten dogs. The smaller the ratio, the easier it is to avoid injuries.

Next, you need to ask whether the doggy care center has guided activities. Most leave the dogs to their own devices when it comes to play. However, there is a huge benefit which comes with guided activities, the fact that your dog will not be in any danger of getting harmed when the caretakers are not watching. Dogs that experience guided play also end up improving their behavior.

Then, think about the toy policy at the care center. Dogs get aggressive with others, especially when trying to protect what belongs to them. If your dog has possessive issues, make sure the manager knows so they will know how to handle them.

Another crucial consideration that you need to think about is the treat policy put in place by the care center. Some pet daycare centers reward positive behavior while others do not. Make sure that you tell the management if your dog displays aggressive behavior when given treats, let the manager know so that they can be prepared or to avoid giving the pet treats altogether.

All these are important considerations to make when investing in puppies care centers. It is crucial to always make sure that the facility you register with and entrust your pet to meets these standards. Finally, look for a care center which has an emergency policy and contacts to a vet so that in case of incidents, treatment can be accessed on time.

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