Yellow Lab Puppies For Sale VA And Why You D Want One

By Marie Clark

The yellow lab dog got really the outback spirit flowing through its veins. Yellow lab puppies for sale VA need to be on the field it relishes in being outside like its canine cousins the Border Collie and English Shepherd.

Their popularity as pets came after World War II when they found use in rodeos and movies made by Disney. Being obedient and trainable is what sets these bundles of energy apart from other breeds. Because of these traits, it makes them well suited to the jobs of search and rescue, service or therapy dogs. When it comes to eating they re not voracious eaters and it s more a matter of quality rather than quantity when it comes to food portions. On average a full-grown dog can have as much as 1 and a half to 2 and a half cups of dry food, divided between two settings. But again, there a few things to take into considerations such as age, sex and activity level all playing a role on the diet and size of food portions.

Things to consider before making a commitment to a yellow lab, as they are commonly referred is whether there are activities on the daily that it can engage in because, this is not a dog built with the couch in mind. They re very energetic and require around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise on the daily to keep them stimulated. Or playtime that consists of high energy games like throwing a frisbee around.

Another test involves getting all touchy so this one involves both parties to be comfortable with touch. With hands on the back, thumbs on the spine and fingers facing downwards, one should be able to feel the dogs ribs without much pressure.

In a farm setting, the dogs do what they do best by nipping at the heels of whatever livestock they happen to herd in order to get them in line. This is fantastic for when the proverbial chickens have to come home to roost but the same behavior is not desired when it happens to young children. If you as an owner notice this or get complaints about the dog trying to eat feet. It might be timme to invest in an exercise regiment to tire out your pet.

Socializing them early also has the benefit of ending up with a dog that can handle multiple situations, even those it s unfamiliar with without the use of aggression.

These risks include elbow and hip dysplasia which is common in dogs that tend to be active for most of their lives, cataracts, detached retina and cancer. Although these illnesses sound devastating, with proper care and medication, yellow lab dogs can go on to live long and healthy lives and see two world cups in their lifetime, 3 at a push.

Obtaining a loving companion that will be with you for the next 10 to 12 years is no easy feat. Deciding on a dog requires a real commitment and even more so if that commitment happens to be a yellow lab puppy. Troublesome it may seem at first but in actuality, all they need is attention and stimulation as these smart pups will be the death of any novice or owners who lack a sense of aggression. A little research before coming to a decision won t hurt either

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