Cheap And Easily Accessible NonGMO Grain Connecticut

By Jason Turner

Did you know that 72 percent of America's processed food are genetically modified or they contain ingredients that are modified? Furthermore, more than 90 percent of corn and 95 percent of soybeans grown there have genes that were altered with. All these modifications are done to improve some trait. Genetically Modified Organisms food are perceived by most people to pose health risk to the consumers and to the environment as a whole. So, people are taking measures to avoid eating those type of food, they want NonGMO Grain Connecticut which offers higher nutritional value at local prices.

It's not only corn and soybeans in America that are modified, there are other crops too which the state has approved to be modified, namely; zucchini, squash, potatoes, papaya, apples, cotton, canola and sugar beets. Even some animals are injected with some things to change their natural genes, for example, a hormone called rBGH which stimulates growth is injected to approximately 15 percent of America's cows.

Furthermore, know that about 72 percent of processed food in stores have genes that are modified. And most of these processed food have canola, corn, sugar - 50 percent of which is made from sugar beets - and soybeans as ingredients. So if you want to stop eating food with altered genes then you should start by avoiding processed and packaged food.

Organic meals are also free from genetic engineering, so if you want to avoid this totally, you should buy organic meals. When on the grocery store, look for food that are written 100 percent natural. Additionally, when you buy meat, milk and eggs, you can buy those which are from animals which were only fed organic food or grass-fed, they are usually labelled.

If you start your own garden and grow fruits and vegetables you'll be saving all the money you spend on buying them from the market while making sure that you only eat them as non GMO. Or, you can support local businesses and buy your vegetables from local farmers and gardeners, most of them don't modify their crops.

If no person sells garden grown fruits and vegetables at your area and you also don't want to grow them yourself, you can still find them cheap elsewhere if you search enough. For example, Thrive sells organic food at a very low price when compared to supermarkets - they are percent less, it is an online store; furthermore, they give free shipping.

Most restaurants don't serve organic food only, and their menu don't specify if the food is genetically modified or not. So, eating from restaurants will increase your chances of eating modified food. However, there are a few of them which tells the public that they are for a 100 percent organic menu.

With tips from this article, it will be easier for those who want to follow an organic and free diet for your own health improvement.

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