Dog Grooming San Jose; A Summary Of Different Types Of Dog Coats And How They Are Treated

By Dorothy Martin

With every dog breed comes a different type of coat. Yes, canines differ in terms of not just character and size, but also their type of fur. When seeking professional grooming services, the groomer will choose the most ideal treatment to offer, based on your canines coat type. You can expect a generally satisfactory service if you choose a qualified and proficient specialist. When searching for the best dog grooming San Jose could provide you with a decent number of well-established pet salons.

Some dogs will have smooth and easy to maintain coats. These include canines like the Daschunds, Boxers and Great Danes. Because their coats are literally flawless, it is okay to spend on just a few professional treatments every month. Keep in mind that even doggies with smooth coats need to get their fur thoroughly washed and brushed from time to time.

Curly coats are more challenging to manage. The furs of pups such as Bichons and Poodles will frizz and tangle easily and hence frequent sessions with a groomer will be necessary. In between the professional appointments, you will also need to brush and comb your canines fur. You can use soft slicker brushes to remove tangles from the surface and then use a fine toothed comb to deal with unseen notes and curls.

Dog breeds like the Yorkshire Terriers and Shih-Tzus are majestic, thanks to their long, visually appealing fur. Such dogs will again call for regular appointments with your groomer and a decent number of coat treatment sessions with each passing month. You can also seek recommendations from your specialist about the finest detangling shampoos and sprays that you could use in between your professional appointments.

There are canines such as the Scottish Terriers as well as the West Highland White Terriers that will have wiry coats. The fur tends to be softer at the base and more inconsistent in texture at the tip. That said, regular professional grooming appointments will again be necessary. Your groomer would lend a hand with getting rid of stubborn snags as well as loose fur.

One of the most common types of canine fur is the double coat. Unfortunately, most pet parents are unaware of the care and treatment needs of double coated dogs. Breeds like the German Shepherds, Chow Chows and Siberian Huskies all boast of having double coats.

If your furry companion has two kinds of coats, then it will be important to provide special upkeep for each of the coat types. Ideally, the groomer will use the wide toothed comb and the slicker brush. He or she will also insist on using a deshedding shampoo or limit issues of excessive shedding.

The importance of working with a trained and proficient groomer should not be underestimated. Before a service, such a professional will first check on the coat type of your canine and choose the most appropriate treatments. Proper coat care will play a major role in not only keeping the pets fur looking clean and healthy, but also reducing excessive shedding. You may want to do a research that is aimed at finding a specialist you can depend on in the long haul.

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