How To Choose The Pick Of The Litter From Champion English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

By Jose Bell

If you want to show dogs you are looking for a puppy that is much more than just a house pet. To find what you're looking for, you must deal only with recognized breeders offering pups from litters registered with the AKC. These breeders have met the rigorous rules and regulations that govern the American Kennel Club. Choosing the pick of a litter out of the champion English bulldog puppies for sale is a very specific process.

If you are really serious about showing your puppy, you want to know as much as possible about his lineage. The more prestigious the background of the parents, the more you should expect to pay for their offspring. You are looking for a puppy with the right temperament to begin with. Bulldogs are not naturally aggressive or domineering. The puppy you choose should have a pleasant and dignified demeanor. You can tell a lot about the overall temperament of a puppy by the expression on his face.

At full maturity male bulldogs weigh fifty pounds and females weigh forty. When deciding on whether to purchase a male or female puppy, you should know that the females are not considered to have the perfect combination of features and temperament that the males do. This doesn't mean that a female can't rank or win shows. Judges take the factor of sex into account and judge accordingly.

Judges value symmetry. When you are picking a championship puppy you want one with uniform features. Features that aren't uniform are considered ill-proportioned by judges. Classic bulldogs have eyes that are low, wide apart, and far from their ears. Their eyes don't sink in or bulge. Bulldogs are judged on the color of their eyes. The darker the irises the better. Green or blue-eyed bulldogs are not serious show dogs.

The puppy's ears must be thin and small. There is a shape called rose ear that judges most like to see. You should never crop the ears. The skull must be large. When measuring the circumference of the skull you are looking for a number that is the same as the height of the dog at the shoulders.

When the dog is facing you, its skull should look square, broad, and high. A perfect forehead is flat, not rounded or domed. Championship bulldogs have cheeks that protrude sideways and are rounded.

You want a pup that has a thick neck that is both short and strong. His body should be full at the side with ribs that are well rounded. Classic bulldogs are broad, short legged, and low to the ground. They have broad chests. Bulldog standards include broad shoulders that narrow as it goes toward the loins.

Some bulldogs have straight tails. Other have screwed tails. Both of these are acceptable, but a dog with a curly or curved tail will be disqualified. The skin should appear soft and loose with a head covered in wrinkles. Your puppy should walk with the rolling gait that is characteristic of the breed.

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