Prior To Buying That Cavachon Puppy For Sale

By Joshua Morris

At this current moment you are probably in the market for a new pet dog or companion for yourself. You might have stumbled upon a cavachon puppy for sale sign earlier and this has kid of piqued your interest. If you are planning on some kind of purchase of this particular breed, then do read on for some information that can help you out.

In essence, the breed being discussed in this article is a cross breed dog or what others will call a hybrid. In this case the parental breeds came from pure King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Bichon Frise dogs. The resulting breed, or cavachon for short, is a dog which will have up to varying degrees distinct attributes evenly or unevenly distributed from both breeds.

This breed has no underlying and predominant personality or trait across generations. At the onset with your puppy, you will not be able to see any general characteristics until it reaches the age of around six months or so.When it does mature, you will notice that your puppy can have one of two very distinct personalities. Either it will be very aloof and reserved, or it will be very playful and own to earth affectionate and loving.

Physically at maturity, these dogs will weigh anywhere in the region of fifteen to about thirty pounds. Variations in weight will of course depend on the kind of food intake they will be exposed to. As such it is suggested that they be fed only two times a day, in small amounts, of high energy and protein dog food. In terms of height they will reach a maximum of at least one foot, form the ground to the top of its head.

When you do have set on this dog, make sure that you have the requisite energy to match its own. It is a very active and energetic breed as its parent breeds are ones of the sporting varieties. Thus it is a breed that will require that you will allow it to have some exercise every day. Should you decide that your particular puppy will be spending a majority of its time indoors, then you have to make sure that it gets its outside time of at least thirty minutes each day. This short time for outside romp and play will help it dissipate any excess energy and also stretch its legs for a while.

Most people believe that this dog is hypoallergenic thus contributing to its growing popularity. This is of course only half true, for the Bichon Frise does have hypoallergenic fur while that of the King Charles Cavalier is not. Thus there is a fifty fifty chance that the new puppy will cause allergenic reactions or not. IN either case, do observe carefully and act accordingly.

Despite its small size, this particular breed has a pretty impressive lifespan. Expect your puppy to live up to fifteen years or more with the proper care and nutrition. Regular visits to the veterinarian will also assist in going beyond the fifteen year lifespan average.

To arrive at a more informed decision, it pays to do additional research also on the health complications and also average price per puppy for the breed. Always make sure that you have all bases covered before making a final commitment.

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