The Numerous Benefits Of Egyptian Mau Kittens For Sale

By Gregory Richardson

There is now an increasing desire for families to have a pet. It has been discovered that about 85 million families live with pets and cat pet owners are the second largest in population. Owning a pet is a blessing because it reduces the chances of having dysthymia, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and more. Using pets to maintain one's health is the in thing now. It is easy and requires no doctor's prescription. Hence, the need to buy Egyptian Mau kittens for sale.

Pussycats are small to medium-sized domesticated carnivorous mammals. They range in height from 9 to 10 inches and are approximately 18 inches long. Pussycats are really a beautiful and cuddly creature and their size makes them look so cute. Egyptian Mau is a breed of cat whose origin dates back to Egypt, hence the name. They possess a lot of intriguing potentials that place them superior to other cat breeds.

If you love cats for the spots they carry on their furs, the mau breed is what you should go for. They come in different appealing colors such as bronze, brown, silver and grey. They have grey eyes which adds to the attraction they command. Even those who do not love cats would love to own one because of this.

Their senses are adapted for predation which makes them natural hunters. They have a great night vision, high sense of smell and hearing, together with being digitigrades. They can track down on a prey unnoticed. They hunt smaller animals such as rats, birds and so on. They are recorded as the fastest breed of cats and because they have good hunting abilities, pests, rodents, and unwanted animals will surely steer clear of your vicinity with them around.

There are more people who love to dwell in a serene environment. If you have such living in the same compound with you, it would be best to get a pet that doesn't disturb. Hence, the need for the Mau kittens. Not doing this and getting a disturbing animal instead can lead to frequent complaints from your neighbors who may deem it necessary to report you if the situation is not corrected on time.

For people who love a quiet environment, this breed is recommended. Cats, in general, do not make so much noise and when they do at all, you can only hear them purr, meow, hiss or growl. These sounds are not enough to wake up anyone in deep sleep.

Buying kittens rather than adult cats is much preferable for so many reasons. One is that kittens are cuter and more beautiful and they have this soulful look that triggers your love and care. This creates a bond that even when they are older and less cute, you still love them. Another cogent reason is that kittens can be tamed to your taste. Adult cat already has a character which it had learned from elsewhere.

If its character does not suit you, you will have to work harder on it to bend it to your will and this is where the major problem lies. This task requires you get it to like you and to recognize you as its owner. Doing this to an adult cat will without doubt stress you and consume much of your time. Therefore, getting a kitten that will recognize you as its owner all its life is better.

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