Discovering Holistic Healing For Animals

By Jennifer Stewart

When it comes to people and pets, most want the very best for these important animals. Most often, when an animal needs medical assistance, the owner contacts a traditional veterinarian. While this is the case, there are now a number of these individuals whom offer holistic healing for animals.

One veterinarian, Dr. Barns at the Paws Wellness Center in Fort Worth, Texas offers owners a choice between traditional and holistic medications and treatments. For, while a number of animals respond well to traditional medications, there are others whom respond better to natural products. In addition, the Spa Paws Pet Hotel offers lodging for pets whom may need after care and additional attention.

The wellness center focuses on the whole pet so that owners can be assured that the pet is obtaining the best care possible. For, generally the more relaxed an owner, the happier and often, healthier the pet. As such, by offering a choice of treatment options, Dr. Barns hopes to create a higher quality of life not only for pets but owners as well.

In the case of the wellness center, it is one of the top rated clinics in the country. For, the clinic is dedicated to treating all the needs of pets. As such, the wellness center focuses on basic services, healing chronic pain and diseases along with medication to calm allergies and behavioral issues. At the same time, Dr. Barns believes that recovery and prevention are the key to healthy and happy pets.

Like the Paws Wellness Center and Dr. Barns, other veterinarians are beginning to offer some of the same or similar services. For example, a number of veterinarians are now offering acupuncture, Chinese veterinary medicine, massage, acupressure, customized medications, special diets, hotel accommodations and rehabilitation along with wellness classes and targeted prevention for specific breeds. Whereas, there are others whom are still focused solely on traditional care and treatments.

When it comes to Dr. Barns, the doctor has over 29 years of experience as a veterinarian, having received training in different areas since 1983. In addition, Dr. Barns discovered a love for Eastern practice after having graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a love that has helped a number of pets experience less invasive treatments with amazing results.

The Wellness Center and Dr. Barns believe in balance and the overall health and well being of pets. As a result, the wellness centers offers some of the highest standards of care. Whereas, the entire staff has a commitment to holistic education, non-invasive methods and prevention. For, there are a lot of conditions which can be prevented by placing animals on a specific diet related to height, weight, breed and any symptoms which the animal may be presenting at the time.

Like Dr. Barns and the Paws Wellness Center, there are more veterinarians and clinics now offering these natural alternatives. While this is the case, it is important that pets get the medical attention required for a quick recovery whether that means acquiring alternative or traditional medications and treatments. As such, it is often best to discuss all options with a veterinarian before moving forward with a wellness plan.

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