Features Of The Best Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In Alabama

By Nancy Stevens

Acquiring pets for either selling or domestication is quite challenging because several breeds are available in the market. Deciding on a specific race of your taste requires that you have extensive knowledge about the animal you like. For this reason, the following is a list of all factors you need to consider before selecting excellent ragdoll kittens for sale in Alabama.

You need to inquire whether or not the pet is a full breed. It is essential to ask your client if the race is pure or mixed through crossbreeding. This is because some breeders crossbreed different genes so that they can acquire different colors and patterns. A cat can only be considered pure breed if no cross breeding practices have been taken on any of its families for a period of over three generations.

Quality kits are sold at reasonable prices. Check selling prices from different sources and compare the results for you to settle at affordable prices. You also need to ask about pricing from families and friends who were previously engaged in buying and selling of pets. Through this, you will be able to receive the assurance that what you acquire will correspond to the value of money you have spent.

You will have to make a provisional financial budget on how you will be spending in the whole process. A budget will see that you pay relative to your plan. It will also prevent instances of overspending. For example, if one of the dealers is asking for a meager price as compared to others, then you need to ask yourself why. Although, this does not imply that very precious pets are appropriate.

Check and identify how old are the kittens. Kitten needs to be older than the age of twelve weeks before you acquire them. You have to shy away from buying younger cats mainly because dealers who are willing to let off kits at that age are likely trying to escape the cost of taking care of such pets. Because at this stage, the animal demands intensified attention.

Good cats are healthy. To check whether they are healthy or not, you required to physically confirm that parasites are not present on the body of the skin of the animal. Also, ensure that the cat is thoroughly vaccinated against diseases. The dealer should give you health records for verification whether the pet is prone to contracting infections. Shy away from kits that are sickly because you will incur additional treatment costs which can be avoided.

It is also vital for you to demand a contract and a health guarantee. You should read and understand all the conditions mentioned in the agreement provided by your dealer. Seek clarification where you do not understand. Genuine clients do not take it a big deal to offer you such documentation. A contract and guarantee lasting for almost two years are necessary because some defects are likely to occur at an older stage.

You need to visit the cattery frequently. This will see that you have a clear picture of the actual situations through which the cats are being bred. When you are at the cattery, you will check on the level of hygiene such as splitting of cats basing on their age, sex, and type of breed to manage breeding practices. For example, controlling crossbreeding.

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