How To Choose Champion English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

By Jennifer Kennedy

When looking to be a pet owner, it pays to prepare adequately before getting into the market. If you have been checking out different pet classified ads, you must have encountered many different breeders advertising their pups. That notwithstanding, not all the Champion English Bulldog Puppies for Sale are the same. Do not rush to answer the adverts without preparing. Here are important tips to consider.

To begin with, hundreds of bulldogs are usually abandoned by families each year. They often buy these dogs just because they are popular breed and cute. However, somewhere along the line, they figure out the dog requires so much work. While you might be charmed by the breed, it is important to sit down with your family and discuss whether this is the right breed for you.

You must have heard about puppy mills. Well, if bulldogs are your ideal pet choice, puppy mills are not the best place to get your best friend. Be sure to look around for one of the small-scale breeders in your area. When a breeding facility is only dealing with two different dog breeds at the same time, they have more time attending to the pups, and not raking in more profit.

While searching for the best breeders, it is important to keep in mind some factors. They will help you budget properly for these dogs. Due to their somewhat awkward body structure, the dogs are often artificially inseminated. Furthermore, they always deliver via cesarean section because the pups have large heads for the mother to deliver. Naturally, you should expect to pay more for these pups.

Temperament is often a crucial factor to consider when choosing the pups. When a puppy demonstrates rebellious and dominant traits, for example, it is going to an ideal guard dog. However, self-assured and independent pups should not be bought when there are kids in the house. Affectionate and needy pups would be ideal for kids, while docile, obedient ones are perfect with older couples.

Always make sure the breeder is trusted since you might depend on their honest opinion. While you will be visiting their breeding facilities to check out the pups, determining ideal traits for your needs requires more time than what you will spend at the facility. Having spent time with the litter since they were born, breeders can give you best insights into the pup with ideal characteristics.

From the foregoing, selecting a reputable breeder is your best shot at getting a healthy pet. When your homework on potential breeders is done, ask to visit the parents of the pups in their home. You want to check out the conditions in which they are kept. Keep in mind a number of things to look for as you visit prospective breeders to help determine healthy pets.

Check to see whether the pups look clean and healthy. Ask for vet records and other health certificates for the parents. Ensure the breeder keeps the litter in a good housing unit. Furthermore, ensure the breeder has cats or kids for the pups to socialize with. Litter mates should also be kept together to allow for playing.

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