Discovering Organic CBD Oil For Dogs

By Sonia Miles

When it comes to taking care of pets, it is important to know what edibles and tinctures are safe and which are not. In addition, with new trends such as Organic CBD Oil For Dogs, there is a great deal of misinformation being released. As such, it is important to understand the truth behind CBD and other wellness trends.

As with all pet medications, it is essential to know fact from fiction. One of the best resources from which to obtain this information is the American Kennel Association. As such, the Chief Veterinary Officer at the association has now provided an explanation as to the pros and cons of CBD products for pets.

While being a compound derived from the cannabis or hemp plant, there are no high levels of THC in CBD oil or other products. Although, there can be trace amounts in some products now being sold on the open market. As CBD is derived from the hemp aspect of the plant, users do not experience the same highs as those whom imbibe smoke or edibles containing marijuana.

There have been no official studies with regards to CBD in relation to dogs or other animals. However, scientists have now discovered that the benefits of CBD comes from an interaction with endo-cannabinoids receptors located in the central nervous system of humans. As a result, the product, when used appropriately, has the capability to balance and keep the body in a healthy state.

While no scientific data has been established with regards to the use of the product in animals, pet owners have found CBD to ease pain and assist in controlling seizures. As such, it appears that effects are the same in dogs as humans.

As CBD has also been known to have heart healthy benefits, calm anxiety, lower blood pressure, ease nausea and kill cancer cells, some are calling it a wonder drug. At the same time, there has been no conclusive proof with regards to this being the case. Still, those whom have, or are using the product whether personally or for pets have confirmed seeing these benefits first hand.

The AKC in conjunction with the Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine is now undertaking a study as to the positive and negative effects CBD has on epilepsy in dogs. Researchers hope the study will be the first to prove CBD successful in this endeavor.

During these studies, researchers will be looking at positive and negative aspects with regards to the use of CBD oil and other products for these and other conditions. For, just as there has been no official proof of the benefits associated with the product, there has been no proof with regards to any side effects. As such, more research is needed before any of these findings, whether positive or negative can be established as scientific proof.

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