For Ragdoll Kittens Georgia Is Worth Visiting

By George Gray

After dogs, cats are the second best friends to man. This is right if the number of cat breeds and cats that exist is considered. According to statistics in the United States, cats are the second most preferred pets after dogs. Ragdolls are among the most common cat breeds in the country due to its physical attributes and personality. When one needs Ragdoll kittens Georgia offers the perfect location to visit.

This breed of cats was developed in Riverside in the state of California in 1963. It was developed by Ann Baker, whose main interest was to achieve a breed of cat that had a gentle personality. The cat that baker wanted also had to have a long coat and a big body size and weight. Soon after development, the breed gained a lot of popularity.

Baker would later invent several theories regarding the origin of the breed. She also set up a registry for the purposes of enforcing strict standards in the breed. These cats are very loving. They love when they are held in the hands and cuddled. When they are held, they usually go limp. In the cat world, this breed is considered to be the most affectionate.

Considering size, the breed is normally classified among the biggest cat breeds. The other larger breed is the Maine Coon. Male cats can even weigh 20 pounds whereas females can reach 15 pounds in weight. Although they are large, they need affection constantly from their owners. Just carrying the ragdoll around can act as a form of workout for the owners.

The striking blue eyes of ragdolls are among their most distinguishing and recognizable features. Usually, all kittens have blue eyes during birth. However, as the animal grows and matures, these blue eyes might grow deeper or might fade away. Not every ragdoll has blue eyes since there are those with blue-green or gold eyes.

The fur on ragdolls usually varies a lot in terms of color and patterns. In general, they tend to have a lighter color for the body and a darker one for the face, ears, tail, legs and other body tips. Some of the colors to expect include cream, seal, blue, red, chocolate, and lilac. Four possible patterns that one should expect are bicolor, colorpoint, van, and mitted.

Water is not liked by most cats. Actually, it might be problematic to wash if there is need in their adulthood unless one makes them adjust to it at their early age. On the other hand, ragdolls love water a lot, more so running water. Therefore, when one turns the shower or tap on, they would come running. Most individuals end up bathing with their cats due to this personality.

The docility of ragdolls has made some people to think that they are immune to pain. That is a misunderstanding because like any other animals, ragdolls sense pain even if they may not react to it like most other animals do. As such, one may not realize the severity of an injury if they sustain one because of the way they behave. That is why one must be careful with them.

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