Should I Register My Dog?

By Harold Clark

Gone are the days of having a pet and giving them complete freedom. Nowadays we have to have insurance for them, clean up after them and be completely responsible for them. That is why I register my dog and do everything I can to ensure I am protected and he is, so that if anything happens we are in the bes position we can be to deal with it.

Anyone who has had a dog knows that every single dog in the world is different, just like humans are. And just like humans, an animal's personality is largely dependant on how they are treated. There are some violent dog breeds who can actually be very sweet and gentle if they are treated right and there are some gentle breeds who can be taught to be violent and aggressive.

Rescue dogs are often more sensitive to the environment and the people around them because of what they have been through. Quite often they will need to go to calm, quiet homes without any children. This is because children can be unpredictable and loud at times, which will agitate a dog's nerves. However, there are many rescue dogs who would love to be in a loving home with children.

A routine is essential for a rescue animal to settle in their new home. If they don't know what is happening it can leave them feeling unsafe and on edge. Once they learn that the same thing happens each day and they know when they are going to be fed and walked, and when the house will be loud or quiet, they will become more trusting of their new home.

There are some aspects of a dog's personality that may never change, but if they are treated well and loved they will respond accordingly. If a dog grows up in an environment that doesn't feel secure, with loud noises, an unpredictable feeding schedule and strangers always coming in, the dog will react in the same way that a child would and be nervous and even aggressive.

A good way to really get to know a rescue dog before you commit to adopting them, is to volunteer at the rescue center. This allows you to spend time with them and you will be able to recognise if you are well suited to each other and if you have that special connection that is essential between a human and a dog.

An alternative to adoption is fostering. This is ideal if you have the right home circumstances for caring for a rescue animal but not the time commitment. Fostering can be for a few weeks or a few months and it all depends on the needs of the specific animal. Sometimes they need a calmer home than the rescue center can offer so fostering is the only option for them until they find a permanent home.

Before committing to a dog, do the calculations to ensure that you can afford to have one, even if the worst happens. There is a lot to pay for and even if you have insurance, many vets will ask you to pay for the vet bill up front and then the insurance will reimburse you. If you are tempted by a luxury breed, visit a rescue center first. You might be surprised by what you find and you might save a dog from euthanasia.

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