Swing Lessons OK; How To Avoid Hooking The Ball

By Paul Cooper

If you hit the ball and it curves from right to left, this is referred to as hooking in the golfing language. In case you find yourself hooking the ball frequently, overcoming the challenge will not be easy. Fortunately, you can sign up for swing classes and have a competent instructor help you perfect your techniques. When searching for reliable swing lessons OK is an excellent place to begin your hunt for top rated instructors.

Among the most basic ways to avoid hooking problems is to grip your club correctly. Make sure that it is not too strong and it must also not be too weak. Make certain that your hands can hang freely from your shoulders when you grip your club. Also, do not bend the hand under the club and keep your wrist straight.

You may also want to pay close attention to the setup. Powering your swing correctly can go a long way in reducing the risk of hooking. Point the face of your club to your ball and keep your feet a little to the left side of your target. You want room to freely move your club and follow through with your swing.

Even accomplished golfers understand the intricacy of the transition from the top swing to the downswing. Adjusting the swing path is therefore another important thing you want to do. For a proper downswing, your hands and not your body should be used to power your swing and follow through.

To become an excellent golfer, you must know how to read the green during a game. This is perhaps the most essential part of growing from an amateur into an accomplished pro. In the majorities of cases, your ability to win will highly depend on how you choose to approach and read the green.

For you to prevent the ball from ending up too high or low, you need to measure the distance with precision. Predict the distance between the spot where you stand and the hole. Even though it is possible to sometimes do the math with your eyes, it is wise to pace it off and measure the distance physically for the most accurate estimate.

Another crucial thing to do is to know the details of the slope. This will enable you to picture the direction your ball will take and help you decide whether you should adjust your shot. Pacing it out also makes it possible to get a clearer picture of the landscape and accurately determine the best putting angle. Simply imagine the direction the water would take if it is poured from where you stand.

Your instincts are a tool that could determine your ability to win in a game of golf. In the majorities of cases, your first instinct is always right. Choosing to make some adjustments because you are worried about losing a heated game will only push you into making decisions that are not well calculated.

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