Things To Know About A Quality Yorkie Breeder

By Larry Cooper

Yorkshire Terriers are among the more popular small breed dogs. Individuals wishing to purchase these purebred puppies should be prepared to spend upwards of $500 easily. For that kind of price, one needs to make sure their choice of Yorkie breeder has all the qualifications to produce top of the line pups.

The primary thing to keep in mind is that there are certainly different levels of breeders. There are those who only care about producing litters as fast as possible to make the most money, and those who genuinely care about the dogs they breed and their puppies. For multiple reasons, buyers need to research providers and only do business with respectable facilities.

Puppy farming is the practice of over-breeding females to produce a steady flow of litters to make the most profit. No regard is given to the dogs' ages or health and quite often they are even inbred, which leads to unhealthy puppies of substandard quality. This is not only immoral and detrimental to the animals, but buyers are being cheated as well.

Starting the search for the best breeding facility usually starts by talking with other Yorkshire Terrier owners as they are typically the most reliable source. The reasoning is that their experiences provide realistic views on which facilities should absolutely be avoided and which provided exceptional quality. In many cases, one might also be able to see the animals in person and see how they measure up to acceptable breed standards.

The process of verifying the qualifications of each facility is the step that follows gathering a list of contenders. Physically visiting each location is the most effective way to understand exactly how the animals are treated and their living conditions. A video tour might be an acceptable option when one can not travel to the facility and see and assess the situation firsthand.

Interested buyers need to have a list of questions prepared to ask the breeders during their consultations. These should include topics such as how long they have been breeding Yorkshire Terriers, the average number of litters they produce annually, how often each female is bred, and whether proof of bloodline can be provided. Breeders of reputable quality will have questions for buyers as well, because they are interested in making sure their puppies go to loving homes that are capable of caring for them properly.

An additional verification step is to check with the local Better Business Bureau of each of the breeders, as well as breed forums and chat rooms for Yorkshire Terrier owners, to inquire whether there have been any major complaints against them. Those who have many negative reviews might be best avoided, however if it is only a single complaint, that might be an isolated incident. Buyers need to take each case on its own merits and review it carefully to make a fair and unbiased judgment.

The purchase of a purebred dog is a big investment that one should not undertake lightly. Just as it is important to find a quality breeding facility, it is equally imperative to understand that this commitment is for the entire life of the animal. Doing a little preparation before purchase can help smooth the transition into ownership.

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