To Find Ragdoll Kittens Alabama Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Brenda Hamilton

Ragdoll is a huge species of cat with a fluffy coat and blue eyes. They are quite quiet in general and are good companions to the individuals that own them. Its popularity as a breed can be attributed to how people like their temperament and physical appearance. The ragdoll are a loved and preferred cat pet in the US. When one needs Ragdoll kittens Alabama offers the perfect location to visit.

Among the biggest cat breed in existence are ragdolls. The males weigh within a range of 15 and 20 pounds. Meanwhile, the female cats are lighter and weigh about 10 to 15 pounds. Other feline heavyweights include the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat. Their fluffy coats even exaggerate their appearance. They are the most favorite breed, among others, with the CFA.

Ragdolls are very popular even if they are not a very ancient breed. In the1960s, a breeder named Ann Baker started developing them in California. This was through breeding a variety of cats with traits which were appealing to the breeder. The cats use for breeding include Birmar, Silamese, Persian and Burmese.

One of the distinctive features of these animals is their large, blue eyes. The blue eyes are genetic. Their coats are color-pointed and are available in a wide range of color shades. Some of the common coat colors are blue, red, and seal. Some usually have two or three colors. Newly born kittens are usually pale and only develop color as they become older.

Ragdolls are strictly indoor cats. This indirectly means that they cannot be left out to roam around. This is because they are overtly trusting and do not have basic outdoor skills. Leaving them to roam outside makes them vulnerable to a number of threats. These threats include theft, accidents, RTA, poisoning, and attacks among others. While they roam, they are also exposed to a number of illnesses like FIV and FeLV.

FIV is very dangerous and acts like HIV in humans. FElv is known as feline infectious leukemia and easily causes death in cats. Ragdolls have no problems living inside houses and therefore can stay indoors their whole lives. If one however wants to leave them outdoors, one is advised to keep an eye on them.

Like many other cat species, ragdolls shed their fur. As such, it is necessary to regularly groom them and keep them looking presentable. The kinds of coats in ragdolls normally differ. Some of the coats are silky and do not mat easily while others are vulnerable to matting. Once or twice in a week, grooming ought to be done.

These cats normally moult all though the year. This means that the different surfaces like bedding, clothes, carpets and furniture will be covered with fur from the cats. This increases the necessity of using a vacuum in the house. A propagated myth that has all the time existed is that the cats do not feel pain. This is simply a myth and it should be dismissed as there is no truth to it. Ragdolls have nerves that interpret feelings of pain.

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