Useful Information Regarding Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats For Sale

By Stephen Brown

There are a number of various breeds of goat that exist in the world. If one is not a goat enthusiast, then they will not be familiar with the less common goat breeds. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are among the rare ingenious goat breeds. As their name suggests, this breed originates from West Africa and are currently spread in many nations across the world. This is worth knowing about Nigerian dwarf dairy goats for sale.

Although initially unknown and unpopular, the popularity of these animals is rising steadily at the moment. Part of the reason why their popularity is rising is their small size and colorful markings. They have very compact body sizes that make them to require minimum space to raise. Their space requirement is much less compared to other larger breeds. They are usually classified as dairy goats even though many people also raise them as pets.

These animals are also very gentle and have a friendly personality as compared to other breeds of goats. As such, they can be handled by anybody, including little children. Provided they are well fed and watered, they cause minimum disturbance. In the United States, they have been approved as livestock dairy goat. This makes them eligible for FFA projects and youth 4H projects.

Most people keep these animals mainly for their milk. Despite their small size, they produce a high amount of milk. A she-goat when well fed has the ability to produce up to two quarts of milk daily. Their milk also has a sweet taste as well as being nutritious.

Another reason that makes the milk so preferable is that it is very high in butterfat. Its butter content is between 6 and 10 percent. Protein content of the milk is also very high in comparison to that found in milk from other breeds. The high content of butterfat usually makes the milk very useful in making sop and other products. However, most owners own them as pets not dairy goats.

There are some standards governing breed conformity of these animals just like in the other goat and animal breeds. For example, the body is expected to have a balanced proportion with the ears being upright and a straight nose. They possess soft coats with medium to short hair. They are allowed to have a combination of colors or plain colors.

When rearing a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, one must ensure the pen is always kept clean. The pen needs to be cleaned and kept safe from pests including flies and rodents and from conditions such as dampness and drafts. One is also required to ensure that they adequately fence the pen. This is because Nigerian Dwarf Goats have a small body which makes it easier for them to stray in case the fencing has any large gaps.

For optimum health, these animals should be raised in a building that is well ventilated. They do not require too much space like other animals. When raising them, it is important to provide some kind of entertainment to take away boredom. One can keep them entertained by providing rocks, large cable spools, or tree stumps.

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