Without A Divorce Attorney Person County NC Couples May Suffer Damages

By Linda Long

There was a time when divorces were seen as scandalous affairs and divorced people were often shunned socially. Those days are long gone. People live together without marrying, sometimes for years. Marriages are ended routinely and the divorcing rate keeps escalating. There is no longer any shame involved in getting divorced. In fact, it has become extremely common, as the numerous single parent families testify. With a good divorce attorney Person County NC couples hope to dissolve their marriages quickly.

Well publicized cases have shown that divorce can become ugly and vicious. These are cases where the divorcing couple cannot come to some private agreement on the terms of their separation. In these cases they hire lawyers to represent them and to negotiate on their behalf. The cost of these cases quickly rocket and all the records are available to anyone interested enough to peruse them.

It is unfortunate that so many couples cannot come to some agreement on the terms of their divorces. In such cases the matter is contested and it often ends up in open court where all the records are available for public scrutiny. In addition, each partner will need a separate lawyer and the entire negotiating process can take same time. In the end, contested divorces can cost a small fortune.

Sensible couples realize that there is absolutely nothing to gain by washing their private laundry in an open court and ruining themselves financially in the process. They discuss all the issues involved in an adult manner and they are willing to compromise until they have reached an agreement acceptable to both of them. In such cases only one lawyer is required and his main task is to draw up the final legal settlement.

Many people think that one has to have a lawyer when getting divorced. This is not the case at all. It is also possible to hire the services of a counselor that is licensed to handle divorce negotiations and to draw up the final document. These counselors charge only a fraction of what lawyers do. These counselors can only be used in uncontested cases, however.

In many cases, contested divorces are all about the children. The parents cannot agree on custody and support matters and in the process the children sometimes become weapons. The law clearly states that the interests of the children should always be the highest priority and it is neither ethical nor fair to use them in an inappropriate way. Many children suffer terrible trauma in the process.

There are always victims when families are torn asunder. In some cases, however, it is best to get out of a destructive relationship. If one of the partners is abusive in any way, for example, it is best to get out of that situation. Substance abuse can also cause great hardship and if the addict will not accept help, the partner may have no choice but to seek safety and security.

Making it more difficult to obtain divorces, as some people advocate, will not necessarily lower the divorce rate. As it is, numerous couples live together without bothering to get married in the first place. Social experts agree, however, that couples should be more circumspect before they get married in the first place.

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