Attributes Of Top Mini Australian Shepherd Breeders

By Rebecca Murray

There is much to be considered when one decides to purchase a purebred puppy. The first step after researching particular breed is to find a high quality breeder with a solid reputation. There are a few key attributes one should look for when searching for prospective mini Australian Shepherd breeders from which to buy their new pup.

Where to start looking for a reliable breeding facility, could be a point of confusion for first time owners. Kennel club recommendations, Internet searches, and forums online dedicated to a certain breed, are just a few of the many options. But, for the more realistic expectations and honest suggestions, hearing the stories of others who have experienced this process could be the most efficient source.

Online social media groups allow people interested in raising these pups to get together and give each other advice and support, and to compare experiences and notes. This interaction provides a wealth of valued information for someone new to the process and needing to make the monumental decision of where to purchase their puppy, because they will hear contrasting points of various facilities. The quality of the puppy may rely on this decision.

Once the prospective owner has gathered a minimum of three recommendations, it would be in their best interest to thoroughly research them. They should contact the facility and inquire about their experience dealing with this breed. It might also be helpful to discuss delivery agreements, health guarantees, bloodline paperwork, and the cost for purchasing either a male versus female pup.

It is highly recommended that if at all possible, interested individuals physically go to the facility before agreeing to make a purchase so that they are well aware of where their puppy is being born. They might also ask to speak with the person directly responsible for selecting which two bloodlines to combine for the litter. Knowing how all the dogs are housed before pregnancy, during gestation, and while nursing, is important.

A breeder should be extremely knowledgeable in the behavioral habits and health tendencies of the breed, and able to answer any questions prospective owners would have. Some people prefer to hand pick their puppy though not all facilities will be accepting of this, so that is an inquiry one may want to make. While on location, one should pay particular attention to the health of the mother just to verify that she has been well taken care of and not being over bred.

One should not be offended if the breeder starts making inquiries of their own. This is actually a sign that they are genuinely concerned about the welfare of each and every puppy and not just looking to make a quick dollar. Answering their questions honestly could also benefit the new owner because insight may be offered.

During the process of selecting a breeding facility, individuals should never hesitate to take a deep look into the business and ask whatever questions they have. As this financial investment can be quite sizable, caution is always advised. The first step to raising a high quality dog is starting with a puppy of good health and background.

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